Saturday, September 15, 2007


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There are moments in comic books that have me literally sitting on the edge of my seat and I wanna cheer, laugh, scream, whatever. I usually realize I am in a room full of my family when this happens and suppress myself, however, I couldn't help myself this time.

Thor #3... Thor is severely pissed off when Tonk fucking Stark shows up to tell him to move Asgard (now in the middle of Nebraska or Iowa and some corn field ridden state). If you remember, Stark and Reed Richards created the Thor clone which killed Goliath in Civil War, and somehow the resurrected Thor has caught wind of this.

Stark in his infinite (Skrully) wisdom decides to fire first. The result:

My wife and kids were really looking at me funny this time. And then I had to explain to them why someone who they thought was a hero is actually a huge douche bag. Fuck Tony Stark. No really. And Robert Downey, Jr. too.

Also in this issue, I saw an ad for New Avengers that caught my eye. My I am a little behind on some of this, but I am actually excited for this title again.

Wolverine + Venom = Bad Fuckin' News for someone. Be interesting to see who is on the receiving end of a bundle of alien symbiote hate and adamantium laced fury.


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