Saturday, June 9, 2007

No new weekend posts

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Not feeling on top of the world today, so I am going to go lay on the couch and play my 360. I'll be back likely Monday morning with plenty of snarkiness for everyone.

Have fun


Friday, June 8, 2007

World War Hulk trailer

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I know this isn't brand new, but with World War Hulk #1 coming out next Wednesday, it is an appropriate time to post it. Marvel did an awesome job here putting together what amounts to a movie trailer out of scenes from the Incredible Hulk comic. When I first heard of it, I assume they would do some cool animation or something, then it started and it was just pages of the comic with a voice over. By the end of it, I have never been so excited for a comic book crossover as I am now.

Also check out's World War Hulk hub for all the info you could need about what is upcoming for the Green Goliath and his warbound.

If you haven't kept up with the Hulk and want to catch up on what is going on before the Hulk kicks your favorite hero's ass, go to IGN Comics fand their World War Hulk Event Guide for some rather in-depth information on how we got to where we are with the Hulk surfing a space ship right for Earth.


Zach Snyder Watchmen interiew

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I'm not crazy about anything that comes from MTV, but Superhero Hype reports this morning that a MTV interview with Watchmen director Zach Snyder contained some interesting tidbits.

The red-hot director, intent on using his newfound Hollywood clout to stay true to Alan Moore's refreshingly dark comic classic, also offered a promising non-denial regarding rumors that names like Jude Law, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Wilson had been offered roles. "Um — you know what? I would say 'No,' but then you'd call me later and go like, 'Dude, what are you doing?' " Snyder laughed. "I don't know who's leaking this stuff, but they're good."
He also said that though they haven't worked it out yet, Gerard Butler, from Snyder's movie 300, will be making some type of appearance in the Watchmen movie. Shooting will start in September, with hopes of a summer release next year.


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Stan Lee and Disney

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I was kind of avoiding blogging about this, but someone asked me why I didn't even reference something that is such a big deal for comics and movies. Well, the entire reason I haven't is because I just don't like Stan Lee. Before anyone gets bent out of shape about me saying that, let me qualify it.

I think Stan "the Man" Lee was great for comics for many many years. Was. I always enjoyed finding him in Marvel movies for his little cameos. But the problem is that he has never updated himself, and his schtick has gotten long in the tooth. I would have to say the moment he jumped the shark was when he did the superhero reality show, "Who Wants To Be A Superhero". Lame. And normally I wouldn't blame someone like Stan Lee for his involvement, we will all do something stupid in our lives for money (mine involved an orangutan, 3 cases of bananas, 2 pounds of butter and a hotel room), but this was Stan's idea, he was the host and the executive producer. He is implicit in that piece of crap.

Need more proof? Plots for his new work with Pow! (The company Disney bought that was announced the other day):


It is the story of an aspiring young actress named Maggie (Paquin) who gains chameleon-like powers after she is exposed to an electrical storm and a magic rune. Her powers are from a secret and ancient race called the Chameliel, who are able to hide in plain sight due to their shape shifting abilities. Maggie and a Chamelial named Mosaic (Morrow) must battle another Chameliel named Maniken who is intent on gaining the power of his dead wife and ruling the world.

The Condor

It is the story of a professional skateboarder named Toni Mendez who was severely injured the day his parents died. Though it seemed like he'd never walk again, Toni was outfitted with the nano-technology his parents worked on, regaining his mobilty with superhuman abilities as a side effect. But it turns this technology was used by the ones who set up his parents' death.

What the hell? That's the best "The Man" can come up with? Dunno what I expected actually, he was responsible for Stripperella, after all.

Ok, ok, enough Stan Lee bashing. I guess my point here is that the future of comics is not a man who started at Marvel over 65 years ago. The future is the great young writers and artists out there today. Stan Lee tapped out his own personal "House of Ideas" many, many years ago with legendary ideas like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, the X-Men and the Incredible Hulk.

It is time to turn over the reins to the young men and women like Bendis, Millar, Morrison, Whedon, Vaughun, Gail Simone, or even some of the older guard like Peter David, Mark Waid, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Kurt Busiek and Neil Gaiman. I could go on forever with the amoount of amazing talent we are currently blessed with, those are just off the top of my head.

I just hope, in the end, that Stan Lee doesn't embarrass himself or the superhero genre with some of his "ideas" and does better than the two I mentioned here and come up with at least one last iconic character we can all remember him for, all over again.



On the Rack - 6/7/07

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Slow Thursday morning, and I have company coming over late this afternoon, so I'll get a few things out there now and then make another post this afternoon if anything interesting is going on.

That should keep you busy until it gets interesting today. But I'll leave you with something else from Countdown #47, which by the way was the first good issue in the series so far.

Oh yes, Mary Marvel has definitely grown up.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Girls Kissing! And it's comic-related, too!

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Courtesy of the great blog What Would Tyler Durden Do? comes this picture of Lois Lane and Betty Banner gettin it on! Well, it's really Kate Bosworth and Liv Tyler, but either way, they are so totally about to slip each other the tongue!

Man, this blog went downhill fast... ain't it great!


Thundercats Ho!!!!

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According to Superhero Hype, the Thundercats will be headed to the big screen! This is the first word of it and no actors, actresses or directors have been officially tied to the project yet. Screenwriter Paul Socopy has been tagged to write the live action feature for Warner Bros., who also recently announced plans for a He-Man movie and the Teen Titans movie I blogged on last week.

Thundercats revolves around a group of humanoid cats (with feline names like Lion-O, Tygra, Panthro and Cheetara) who must flee their planet of Thundera after it's destroyed. Once crash-landing on another planet, Third Earth, they must thwart Mumm-Ra, an evil sorcerer, bent on killing them off.

Sopocy has written the script as an origin story expanding on the major heroes and villains from the animated series, with the plot focusing on Lion-O coming of age as the leader of the Thundercats.

Good news for us Saturday morning cartoon fans out there. AndI can't wait to see who they get to play Cheetara (meow!).

10 Pages Deep - 6/6/07

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I am going to start with what I think will be a simple search, and probably come up with little interesting links. My first 10 Pages Deep keyword(s): "comic books".

Nice and simple right? You would be wrong. If this is any indicator of hw this feature is going to go, this will be fun. Let's get the flotsam and jetsam out of the way first.

  • a technorati link
  • a mobile comics ad
  • a link to Diamond Comics (really on page 10?)
  • "So you wanna be a Comic Book artist? (if I have to resort to your website to get into the industry, I am doomed)
  • (doesn't look too bad, but doesn't look interesting either)
  • and a link to Buffy Season 8 by Dark Horse
Kinda the stuff you would expect to drop to the tenth page of Google, Diamond Comics being that far down is a surprise, but they probably have AdWords setup and don't really care.

What follows is what I was looking for, the payoff, the money shot, the kinda thing I imagined the other night at 3 in he morning when my car alarm went off and I was wide awake in the middle of the night:
  • - This is what I think every comic shop website should be. It is nicely laid out, it is easy to find what you are looking for, and they take pride in the business they are in.

    Hello and Welcome to COMIC BOOK INK's little corner of the Internet!

    We are a full service comic book store located in the Brand New Johnsborough Station in the East End of Tacoma,Washington. Just a hop skip and a jump from Fort Lewis and Puyallup. Established in October of 2002, we hope to provide the best in customer service, subscription programs and in new, and old, comic book and movie merchandise!

    In the last four years we have been lucky enough to have such creators as artist Adam Kubert, multiple Eisner Award Winner Brian Michael Bendis, Clayton Crain, Robert Kirkman, Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark, Stephano Gaudiano, Eric S. Trautmann, Phil & Kaja Foglio, Roberta Gregory, and John Layman...We're always hoping to have more folks visit us as well both famous (and a little infamous).

  • Comic Book Legal Defense Fund - This is a great cause for anyone who loves comics. I have a permanent link on the sidebar for this particular charity as I believe in Free Speech across the board, and if we are not careful, it is far too easy for people to attack the "funny books".
    Throughout its existence, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has carried out its mission to protect free speech in comics through the generous support of fans and professionals alike. At conventions, through benefit books and other fundraisers, the comics community has rallied behind the First Amendment. No media has a more enthusiastic base of support than comics, and the CBLDF is proud to play a part in protecting this vital American art form. However, the fight against censorship is a costly business.

    While conventions and special premiums provide wonderful opportunities to raise funds and awareness, they do not provide the steady, predictable funding that the CBLDF needs in order to deliver the professional level of service that the industry deserves.
  • Diabetes Comic Book - A comic book put together by two kids who are Type 1 Diabetic. My parents and my brother are all diabetic, and if I ever went to the doctor, I would probably find out that my gallon-a-day habit of Mountain Dew is gonna come back to bite me. So I don't mind putting this out there and hope it helps someone.
And the final item was the most interesting, and the one you have been waiting for, evn without knowing you were waiting for anything :

  • It is the Comic Book Bondage Cover of the Day!!!
    Wow is all I really have to say... Make sure you check out the Cover Archive at the bottom of the page. There are quite a few that are NSFW, and some that are just plain disturbing. Click on the image on the right to enlarge one of the tamer ones you'll find.

So there you go, I hope this was entertaining for you all. I don't know how often I am going to do this, but it might be easiest to do it on Wednesday mornings like today, right before I get my comics and while no one else is posting because they are doing the same thing.

See ya later today,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


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It was pointed out to me by Matthew at Legion Abstract that I was woefully wrong in my first post here. Yeah, yeah, I can beg off that it was my first blog post ever and that that alone could excuse me from my ignorance. But in fairness to the rest of the great comic bloggers out there, this quote:

There seems to be a void of quality blogs about comics and how people feel about them in the blogosphere by us, the fans (and fanboys). I hope I can help fill that. Why me? Because I love comics, and I know many, many others do, too.
...was just painfully wrong. The blogosphere is chockful of great writers, and I have had the pleasure to get to know many many more of them everyday since I started. I have great respect for them, and aspire to be among them. If you are visiting this blog, please take some time to follow a few links on the sidebar, and then follow some links on their sidebars, and see what I had been missing that is now such a great part of my day.


Linkblogging is bad for your health

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But I'm gonna do it anyhow. There's some good stuff out there today, but I am too lazy to do a full post right now. Pizza is on the way, so whatever I get out in about 30-40 minutes.

  • M.O.D.O.K. (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, what a cool frickin name) interviews Ms. Marvel writer Brian Reed over at Newsarama.
  • The Pulse is becoming the place to go if you want in-depth Countdown articles. I linked to the Jimmy Olsen article yesterday, and today they have an article about the Daily Planet and its role in the DC Universe. Unfortunately, they don't have post pages since it is a forum format, so just head to their front page.
  • If you aren't aware of it yet, Comixtreme is a great place to go to talk comics with other comic book lovers. Check out there creator forums and their advance reviews, already available today for tomorrow's comics.
Damn pizza guy. You want him to hurry and he'll take an hour. Want him to take his precious time, and he shows up in 20 minutes. Too bad, had a couple more things, but I'll save those for tomorrow I guess. One thing real quick, though, I am going to try a new feature, likely tomorrow in between reading my new comics. It will be called "10 Pages Deep", and I am going to pick a keyword, put it in Google and see what pops up on the 10th page where people rarely go. There are sure to be some treasures down there (like me!) and we are going to unearth them.

Might be a little late posting tomorrow, I am going to take a trip to Mile High Comics for the first time. It is an 11,000 sq ft comic shop and it is supposed to have a large back issue bin and lots of action figures and shit like that, but it is about an hour away in Denver. So check in after noon sometime.


Fantasticar Commercial

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Over at, they have an article detailing the history of the Fantasticar that is a fun read if you have ever been a fan of the Fantastic Four. The new version is the star of a new commercial by Dodge, and oh yeah, it's got a Hemi. (God, I hate that crap from Dodge. I smoked a new Charger the other day in my mom's 2001 Mercury Mystique with a V6, and I had my kids in the back weighing me down. But that's neither here nor there.) This thing looks simply awesome.

Me personally, I preferred the bath tub versions, just because it showed the ingenuity of Reed Richards that he could make something as unwieldy as a bathtub-shaped craft actually fly. This thing though can reach speeds of 550 mph and altitudes of 30,000 feet, so I guess it'll do as a suitable replacement.

If you want one for yourself, your out of luck because, well... cars can't fly. But you can get a scale model for all your 5" action figures to cruise for chicks in at Ebay. No that's not my auction, I wouldn't sink that low (honestly though, I can't find one of these in the stores, and I wouldn't sell it if I did).

Also, on a side note, I refuse to post pictures of half naked women in every post, and just because this is a post about the Fantastic Four doesn't mean I have to post pictures of Jessica Alba. God, you bunch of perverts, wanna make this blog totally NSFW!


#1 reason to go see Transformers

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Megan Fox in GQ Magazine:

What did you say? There's robots in this movie??

Where did she come from? Well, the answer is nowhere, really. Her IMDB bio says she has appeared in some TV shows, with her most significant work being on Hope & Faith, which is only notable for pre-anorexia Kelly Ripa. Oh and she got her start in an Olsen twins movie ((gag)).

Speaking of Transformers, I was reading an article with Tom DeSanto in Wizard and it said Michael Bay decided not to use a VW because he "didn't like the [Volkswagen] Bug. It was as simple as that." For this I will always hate Michael Bay, and Transformers will be tainted. Speaking of taint, back to Megan Fox. She ranked #18 on Maxim's 2007 Hot 100. That won't last long. She'll be #1 as soon as this movie is released.

Regardless if Bumblebee is a Chevy or a VW, I'll be inline July 3rd to see her... I mean the movie.


Monday, June 4, 2007

Waiting on Wednesday - 6/5/07

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**Waiting on Wednesday will be the working title of my comic previews I am doing each week. May change, may become permanent, but either way, I needed something. Have a better idea? Email me at with your ideas.**

Comics come out tomorrow, and I can't say I have a lot to be excited about. But there are some issues that I will be looking forward to.

Gonna be a rough week for me and Marvel, to be honest:

  • Punisher #48 - I have never read Punisher on a regular basis, in fact, I have so little interest in hm that I have yet to see the movie (though I heard I am not missing much). However, I have been told quite a few times how good the books are, so I decided I am going to pick up a few issues and give it a try.
  • Omega Flight #3 - I always enjoyed Alpha Flight, and was a huge fan of the interaction between Puck and Wolverine whenever Logan dropped in on his fellow Canucks. That being said, I am not a huge fan of Omega Flight. I know they are completely different teams and all, but I held out hope. I am giving it through issue #5, then that's it if it doesn't do more for me. Like entertaining me would be nice.
  • Yep, that's it for me and Marvel. Some miniseries are finishing up, including Hulk/Power Pack and some are starting like Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock, but nothing that I will be probably be buying. Also you might like New Warriors #1, but that one I am going to wait see.
DC has a bit more to offer this week, and we'll start it off with Flash #13, the highly anticipated issue with the cover depicting a dead Flash:
  • Flash #13 - Things look bleak for Bart Allen when his Rogues catch up to him, and DC is playing it close to the vest concerning the now infamous cover with the Flash sprawled out and his rogues standing over him, looking appropriately evil. Among other things I hope they clear up other than his impending doom, is why his girlfriend whispered the formula Johnny Quick used to say to activate his speed powers? No one is talking about this. If this isn't just a lame teaser, I'll try to do a little feature on it tomorrow in an On the Rack post.
  • Detective Comics #833 - If you like Zatanna, like me, a 2-part arc starts here. Zatanna's assistant is murdered and she needs Batman's "help". Yeah right, she needs Batman's magic wand!
  • Nightwing #133 - The description of this issue sounds like a Year One type story, telling what happened to Dick Grayson in the year after he dropped out of college and before he joined the Titans. I hadn't heard much about this, but I'll pick it up and see if it is worth my time. Though I like the Nightwing character, I haven't been crazy about the comic for a while. Maybe this new arc can change that.
  • Justice League Unlimited #34 - I loooove Justice League Unlimited... sometimes. But when I love it, it is unconditional. And this is one of those issues that I am going to love unconditionally. Superman... Phantom Zone... ZOD!!! The thing about JLU is that they don't necessarily have to tiptoe around continuity (truth is with 52 earths, not many do anymore), so they just tell awesome stories with near-reckless abandon. Not only that, but my 5 year old daughter loves the animated series and gets a kick out of me reading these to her.
  • And finally Countdown #47 - Lightray is dead, Jimmy Olsen is freaking out and exhibiting new powers all the time, and people are just starting to figure out who Duela Dent was killed by (it was the guy with the pornstar haircut!). I hate to admit it, but I am looking forward to this almost as much as anything. I wanted so badly to dislike this title, but it just isn't going to happen. I like it, and I have a feeling that very soon I will absolutely love it. God, I can be such a fanboy...
Kinda DC, kinda not, but Jack of Fables #11 comes out this week. The girl at my comic shop suggested this, and I haven't gotten too into it yet, but I can see potential. Also, I have only gotten a couple emails and responses to this blog so far, and one of them was to "diversify and try some other publishers than DC and Marvel, like the rest of us comic lovers." So this is my attempt at that. Did you know they make comics where they don't wear spandex!!!

I am also going to grab Invincible #42 from Image Comics on the strong recommendation of more than a few people. Not only that, but it is a $1.99 this week and I guess the start of a big story arc.

That's it this week. It's not a light week, but it's also not so heavy I have to make any hard choices about what I can afford to buy.


Update: I searched for the phrase "Waiting on Wednesday" because I wanted to be kind of original, and found out it was the title of a Lisa Loeb song. I had a huge crush on Lisa Loeb many years ago, with those big wide rimmed glasses. Then she had a reality TV show where she was dating people, and it was kinda dumb, but it fuelled my fantasy more. So to make a long story short, I think "waiting on Wednesday will become official,, unless some crazed fanboy emails me and tells me that it is already taken by someone with more clout than me (that would be just about anyone).

On the Rack - 6/4/07

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A few things going on today around the comic world.

  • A new site to me, Legion Abstract, has an interesting read on the continuity problems of the current Lightning Saga crossover in JLA/JSA. The author, Matthew, asks some very good questions about which Legion of Super-heroes we are seeing, and comes up with some very good answers (guesses, but they seem to be the only logical conclusion).
  • Another good Legion post (must be their day!) over at The Absorbascon. Scipio looks at whether Superman/Superboy and the JLA inspired the Legion of SUper-heroes, or if it was really the other way around.
  • If you haven't heard about the drama over the name "The Champions" then you have had your head in a hole where no comic book news ever leaks in (I'm a little tired of hearing about it, but this seems to be the end, so I'll throw it up). Anyhow, go here to get the full skinny.
  • Comic previews right here tomorrow. Still don't have a good name for that particular feature, but I'll be looking at what's comign out Wednesday at your local comic shop.
See ya then

Los Cuatros Fantasticos!

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I have to link to Progressive Ruin today.

So a while back, my girlfriend made one of her regular visits to Mexico to visit family, and before she left I sez to her, I sez: "Say, could you, perchance, acquire for me some superheroic adventure pamphlets, in color, and in the mellifluous tongue of your native people, for my perusal and possible edification?" After she punched me, she agreed, and a few short weeks later, lo, there was a bounty of Mexican superhero funnybooks delivered unto me, and it was good.
His post about the comics his girlfriend brought him back from Mexico had me in stitches this morning. I don't know if he visits, but Mike Sterling is one of my favorite comic bloggers and I wanted to let him know.


And now for something barely comic-related!

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The 2007 MTV Movie Awards were this past weekend, and while I don't give a damn who won, there was some... uhhh... comic-related news there. Photos of Michael Chiklis and Kevin Smith!!!!
It's Clobberin' Time!!
How did HE land THAT??

No, not really, actually this is just a gratuitous excuse to post pictures of some of the women I love most.

Megan Fox - Transformers
My Optimus Prime is twitching

Jessica Alba - Fantastic Four
If I was invisible, I know where I would go...

Jessica Biel - Blade Trinity

Cameron Diaz - The Mask was a comic wasn't it?
OMG those legs are a mile long

Elizabeth Banks - Spiderman 3 (barely noticed her until I saw these pictures)
Who? I still don't know who the hell she is

Amanda Bynes - uhhh I can't find any connection whatsoever with comics for her, but she is well over 18 now, and I think she is just delicious. So deal with it.
I saw your Big Fat Liar, you wanna see my Big Fat... nevermind

Harvey Awards nominations

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The Harvey Awards nominations were announced today at They are held at the Baltimore ComicCon on September 8, 2007. I have only been vaguely aware of these awards, and did not realize the nominations and selections are made by comic book creators. To me, that adds a whole lot of credibility to the whole process. A little cut and paste for nominations:


• Ed Brubaker | DAREDEVIL | Marvel Comics

• Grant Morrison | ALL-STAR SUPERMAN | DC Comics

• Steve Murphy | UMBRA | Image Comics

• Don Rosa | UNCLE SCROOGE | Gemstone Publishing

• William Van Horn | WALT DISNEY COMICS & STORIES | Gemstone Publishing

• Brian K. Vaughn | Y: THE LAST MAN | DC/Vertigo


• Brian Fies | MOM'S CANCER | Abrams

• Renee French | THE TICKING | Top Shelf

• Stuart Immonen | NEXTWAVE: AGENTS OF HATE | Marvel Comics

• Frank Quitely | ALL-STAR SUPERMAN | DC Comics

• Don Rosa | UNCLE SCROOGE | Gemstone Publishing

• William Van Horn | WALT DISNEY COMICS & STORIES | Gemstone Publishing

BEST NEW TALENT (Representative work listed)

• Lilli Carr é | TALES OF WOODSMAN PETE | Top Shelf

• Brian Fies | MOM'S CANCER | Abrams


• Matthew Loux | SIDESCROLLERS | Oni Press

• Stjepan Sejic | WITCHBLADE | Top Cow / Image


• CIVIL WAR | Marvel Comics

• 52 | DC Comics

• NECROMANCER | Top Cow / Image

• THE SPIRIT | DC Comics

• WASTELAND | Oni Press


• DAREDEVIL | Marvel Comics

• LOCAL | Oni Press

• THE SPIRIT | DC Comics

• UMBRA | Image Comics

• WALT DISNEY COMICS & STORIES | Gemstone Publishing

Obviously, I didn't list all of them, so you will need to go to their website to see other categories like: Best Cartoonist, Best Letterer, Best Inker, Best Colorist, Best Cover Artist and lots of others.

What I take away from this is: How great does Don Rosa have to be to get FIVE nominations for doing Uncle Scrooge, the Disney comic. Not to take away from the comics themselves or Don Rosa's work, but when I think of award nominated comics, those wouldn't be on the top of my list. However, after seeing this, I will be picking up a copy next time I see one. I appreciate excellence.


Sunday, June 3, 2007

Future of the Blog

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So I have been thinking this weekend about how to make this blog a destination. You know what I mean, one of those places that people talk about and visit regularly. I guess I care about my opinion enough to want to share it. So what I came up with is a series of weekly features that I fully intend to keep up. The list running around in mind is like this:

  1. Weekend Quickies - I don't want to spend a ton of time on the weekends, for obvious reasons, but at the same time, I know a lot of people may be sitting around looking for something interesting to read. So I plan on posting once a day on the weekends and just throwing out what is going on in the world of comics.
  2. On the Rack and Off the Rack - These two will be done randomly throughout every week to fill in when other things aren't happening. On the Rack will be whatever I have on my mind for a particular day concerning comics, and will be the format I use to rant if I want. Off the Rack will be what is on my mind that is completely off-topic from comics. There are some things in this world too good (or bad) to leave unsaid.
  3. Unnamed Tuesday Reviews - I haven't figured out what to call it yet, but I am going to preview some comics every Tuesday before they come out. If you have a witty name for it, let me know, but basically it will be pretty straight forward letting you know what is coming out that I think is/will be interesting.
  4. Wednesday's will be sketchy - Duh. I'll be reading whatever I buy, and unless something really catches my interest, my posts will be much like a weekend post on Wednesday.
  5. Friday Funny - This will be exactly like what I did this week. I will clip a panel or a page that I find humorous and hope you all are on the same page as me. Being a long time comic book reader, these will probably be insider jokes with little or no explanation.
All that along with some linkblogging should keep me busy for many, many weeks or years to come. If I get enough of a good response and can feel I wouldn't be wasting my time or money, my plan is to switch to my own domain name very soon. Unfortunately is taken (though dead currently), so some variation or completely different name would be necessary.

Now I know it is bad form to beg for comments, but if you stop by and read this, please let me know how you feel about it. I am taking this seriously, but if I am not being taken seriously, then I need to rethink this whole thing. I had a comment on a forum that this is "too superhero focused", but that's what I know. If you have suggestions, comments or just want to tell me I rule/suck/could care less, let me know.


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