Saturday, June 23, 2007

Latest Transformers TV Spot

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Via Superhero Hype, the latest Transformers video spot, and I would have to agree this is one of the best ones I have seen yet. July 2nd and Megan Fox can't get here fast enough for me.


Amazing New Invention!!

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Courtesy of Hot Air, this new machine will revolutionize the world!

/sarcasm off


Final thought: Correct me if I am wrong, but .ca addresses are from Canada, right? Because that would explain it all.

New ways to contact The Comic Rack

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A little more site news for today. I know this stuff isn't blowing your mind or anything, but it has to be done sometime. Not only am I trying to bring as much new content to the site as possible, but I am also trying to make it easier for you to be a part of it, too.

Up to this point, I had an email address and a comment section, and that was it. As of today, there are many more ways to contact me for whatever purposes you may have.


Still the easiest and most reliable way to get hold of me. Emails will be answered within 24 hours. If you want a link exchange, want to tell me how great/horrible I am or want to throw me an idea or an exclusive, this is the best way to do so.

Instant Messages

I set up accounts with the three major IM services today, and welcome anyone who wants to add me to their contacts. I am online regularly and I will be glad to get to know some of my readers. If you want to further discuss a topic I blogged, send me links to something cool you have seen or just chat, this is he place to do that.

Whether you have AIM, MSN or Yahoo instant messaging, my ID is "thecomicrack" on all of them. Send me an invitation and I will accept it within 24 hours, but probably a lot sooner.

Chat Box

If you look on the sidebar on the right, just below the Email Subscription box, you will see the new Chat Box. Use it, abuse it, whatever you want. I didn't enable any type of registration, so you only need to add a name. If you have your own blog, feel free to add you site URL in there, and let me know where you are from.

Have fun,


More Site News

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As always here at The Comic Rack (I say that like I have a full staff...) I am doing everything I can to make this site better. It seems some people are noticing, and for that I am thankful.

A few of the new things that have popped on The Comic Rack lately are:

  • Of all the features I am most proud of are the new tabs in the header. This kinda stuff is way above my head, so the fact they are there is amazing. Now use them! Each tab is related to a post tag, exactly the same as the featured posts widgets on the sidebar, which will be going away soon. Credit for the tabs goes to so if you have a blog and think you would like the same thing, they have many different styles, and with a smidgen of CSS knowledge you can personalize it to your site.

    I am going to be rearranging the tags I have already put on posts to make it easier for people to find what they want. For instance "Videos" is going to be a major tag hopefully by the end of the day. If you have any suggestions for tags based on the content I already have, drop me a line.

  • On the top sidebar, I have had feed links there for awhile now. But they have all changed. I signed up with Feedburner with is supposed to make it easier for you to manage your feeds and also make my site more compatible with feed aggregators and readers. So please click on the orange icon again, or if you use Yahoo or Newsgator click on that button instead. I will be adding more soon, but I don't ever want it to gt to the point that all you see are a metric asston of buttons on my sidebar and you can't even find the content you want.

  • I still need a guinea pig to try out the email subscription service (not so) far (anymore) down on the sidebar for me, and then let me know how it works for you. First person who emails me and tells me how it works, will get a extra-special Marvel No-Prize!

  • And last but not least, the new wider style of The Comic Rack! Do you like it? What about the new colors? C'mon people, gimme some feedback here! Again, for some stuff that is way over my head, this was a major accomplishment. I had a vague knowledge of HTML and CSS and all those other acronyms, and reworked the Blogger Rounders 2 style to fit my own needs. But does it fit what you as readers want to see ?

I am looking for new ways to make this blog visually better, so don't be surprised if you see more changes along the way, but know that the content will always be the same. I hope you enjoy it, because I know I am.


Friday, June 22, 2007

June 20th Release Reviews

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I got half way through reviewing JLA #10, and realized two things about reviews:

  1. They are long, they suck to write, and I am honestly not too good at it
  2. No one wants to reread the whole issue through my eyes, especially when I don't really have any groundbreaking new thoughts on it.
So instead of going over each moment in the issue, I am going to hit the highlights, give a quick thought on them, and everyone will be happier because of it. Of course, if you haven't read these issues, there will be spoilers, so you know what you are getting into.

Justice League of America #10

I wasn't too happy with the issue overall because it seems like there were some huge holes in the story that they just conveniently patched up:
  • Batman sewing trackers in everyone's costumes
  • Control of the flight rings being tampered with by Mr. Terrific, even though being the fourth smartest person alive, he didn't know they would self repair. I know, it's 30th century tech, but if he is smart enough to tamper with their controls, he should be smart enough to notice a self-repair module when he sees one... sheesh. All that just to explain why Jay Garrick can't vibrate through something.
  • And how does Karate Kid avoid being electrocuted, even though they take up half a page to show his body being ravaged by lightning to the point you can see his skeleton? He ducked. Bullshit. Dan Didio wanted him for Countdown, so he ducked. My ass.
  • Legionnaires are spread all over the country with lightning rods, ready to sacrificie themselves, there are mere seconds left until the strike (we'll get back to the lightning strike itself later) and Dream Girl has effectively distracted one of the oldest, most experienced, and fastest heroes, Jay Garrick. How are you going to stop all of them? Give Green Lantern superspeed that rivals or even beats the Flash! I can buy Superman and Power Girl having similar speed, but not GL.
OK, enough bitching about it. Despite all of the things that bothered me, I genuinely enjoyed this issue for the one reason that I think most people did.

They brought back Wally West.

The reunions with the different heroes, some of the little comments that were made, really fleshed out the story for me. Wally asking Roy Harper about carrying on the family business, Timber Wolf telling Hal Jordan now he won't be alone, and Batman saying quietly he thought it was going to be Barry Allen, all were completely appropriate and could've come off cheesy but they did it real well.

And finally, who was in the lightning rod in the last panel? I think it is Lightning Lad. Let me know who you think it was in the comments section and I might do a post just on that in a few days.

Flash #13

Let's get this out of he way first. I was not a huge Bart Allen fan, and only recently had I become familiar with him because of this series. But this issue brought tears to my eyes. Seriously. Heroes aren't supposed to die.

Was Bart Allen a hero? Definitely. He fought the Rogues without powers and with the knowledge (from his grandma) that he was going to die. But he knew it was important that he continue on instead of running. He didn't try to hide, didn't try to pull any funny stuff, he went right at the Rogues and did everything he could to take them down and give Val more time to get rid of the speedforce before Inertia got it.

Unfortunately, all the heroics in the world were not enough to save Bart, as the Rogues beat him severely, and he eventually died in Val's arms after she was able to release the speedforce. Like I said before, heroes aren't supposed to die, but I think this one may be permanent.

I mentioned the lightning in JLA #10 and that I would get back to it. Well, there is lightning in this issue, too, when Val released the speedforce, and immediately afterwards Bart mutters "Wally, Wally I'm so... I'm so sorry I was a jerk..." I think at this point that Bart knew Wally was back and that the lightning that Wally was riding was the one Val released. How else would the Legionnaires know exactly when to be, and where to be, to catch this one specific lightning? And it had to be this lightning, otherwise, they had entire worlds full of lightning they could go to in their own time.

My only hope is that they didn't waste Bart's death only to bring back Wally, that would be a huge letdown. Wally needs to be pivotal to something big on the horizon, or this is just another dumb resurrection and another useless death in the DC Universe.

World War Hulk

The WWH storyline spanned 4 different issues this week, and other than make me 9 dollars poorer, Iron Man #19, Heroes for Hire #11 and Ghost Rider #12 did nothing for me.

Before we get to Incredible Hulk #107, I'll explain my disgust with the other three.
  • Ghost Rider #12 just pissed me off. They pump the cover with GR on Hulk's head with his chainwrapped around it, and you would think there was a fight somewhere in the book between GR and the Hulk. Nope. Nothing but a single panel at the very end and a "to be continued..." Fucking bullshit. Seriously, don't waste your time or money, and if you already have, you know my pain.
  • Heroes for Hire #11 was at least mildly entertaining. I don't normally buy this title, so I didn't know what to expect. What I got was a decent backup story to WWH, but as with Ghost Rider, the cover promised a whole lot more than was actually in the book. We see Humbug fighting Miek and the Brood, but inside we get... some little bug things that Humbug tears apart to cover the rest of the mercenaries with bug juice to cover their scent? I am less upset about this only because the expectation was not to see the Hulk kick some ass, so I guess the letdown wasn't as big either.
  • Iron Man #19 was disappointing more than even the others. I felt cheated by this issue as much as I have been by a comic in a long time. First, I had to buy an Iron Man book. Second, I only bought it because it was hyped to be more than just a recap of WWH #1. The only extra anything put in was an extra couple pages to show his drones getting destroyed by the Hulk's warship. And third, again the cover shows Hulk knocking the head off a drone, though that never happens! Laaaaame. After the first few pages, it was a word for word copy of WWH #1 and I would have to check, but a lot of the artwork looked the same too.
Overall, I was pretty disappointed with Marvel for this, almost to the point of not buying this crap anymore. But the saving grace was Incredible Hulk #107. For the first time this week Marvel actually put on the cover what happened in the book.

The cover showed a battle between Hercules and the Hulk and sure enough they delivered with a world class throwdown. This issue is about Hulk's friends, which he sys at the beginning of the issue that "If they are human... they are Banner's friends." By the end of the issue though, Herc has convinced the Hulk that there are people there to help him and fight for him, and they leave the decision whether he is going to smash them all kinda hanging.

Of course he will allow them to help, though, this is a smart version of the Hulk, and he knows he cannot do this alone. If he could, he would have no need for the Warbound, so he will allow these puny humans to do what they want as long as they don't stand in his way.

X-Men: Endangered Species

This was one of the more enjoyable issues of an X-title I have read in a long, long time. Don't get me wrong, I love the X-Men and do my best to read as much of their corner of the universe as I can each month. But the Endangered Species one-shot brought a smile to my face more so than any of the others have recently.

It was poignant, well-paced, and most important of all it involved the characters, not just their powers or how bad ass they may or may not be. The greatest part of the X-Men for me has always been the character development, and I have often told friends I would read a book about these characters even if they weren't superheroes.

By far the best panel of the whole book is the one on the right, showing Wolverine standing by the graves of all the other X-Men and realizing that he is going to outlive them all. It is about time that Logan confronts his immortality (more or less) and you can tell by the later scene with Scott Summers that maybe he has decided to start treating his fellow mutants a little better. I have always liked the hard edge they keep on Logan, but in times like these, he should be a leader not a divider, and it looks like he is ready to take that role on.

The rest of the book involves approximately 20 mutants attending the funeral of a young boy they tried to recruit earlier but he decided he wanted to attend a "normal" school. He has apparently died of a traffic accident, and the issue shows how many of the mutants deal with the passing of another mutant.

An interesting side story is the one involving Sebastian Shaw and Professor X. (Another interesting side story is the fact I cannot spell simple words like professor and I am very thankful for spell check!) Shaw has shown up for the funeral incognito and Prof. X figures it out when he constructs a psi-shield. X confronts him to find that he has the most noble of intentions and in fact, the same reasons for being there as the rest of the mutants. It was a compelling look at Shaw who too often comes off as just pure evil and nothing more. I hope we see more character building like this in the upcoming Messiah Complex event.

Countdown #45

This week there was just enough to keep me interested, but not enough to be excited about. First off, I absolutely loved the cover

, the best I have seen out of 52/Countdown so far. I know it's not the same teams doing each weekly series, but they have become one large series in my mind, so I hold them to a common standard.

The majority of the issue is devoted to the story between Donna Troy, Jason Todd and the new character Forerunner, who we find out is an assassin for the Monitors. However, after a lengthy fight, a Monitor steps in and informs Forerunner that she and her race were actually slaves and now she is no longer needed.

Forerunner swears to stay on Earth and exact her revenge, and that could make for some hardcore showdowns between her and many members of the DC Universe, both good and bad. In case you can't tell, I like the character asa freelance killer. Should be interesting.

During the fight though, one thing we see is a return to form for Donna Troy, as she shows just how much of a wicked bitch she really can be. She had been kinda stagnant lately since her return and it is good to see her Amazonian side again.

Other than that, there is a bunch of bullshit here. We see Jimmy frickin Olsen recapping the last few issues for himself, and then giving us a refresher course on the history of the New Gods. I know they need to put this stuff in or newer readers, but that doesn't still make it boring.

Then we have to sit through a Legion interlude with Karate Kid, Dream Girl and Starman talking with Dr. Midnite on the Justice League Satellite about how they feel like prisoners or something. I have made no secret of my love for the Legion here, so this may be a little surprising, but the entire sequence seems completely out of place after reading the conclusion to the Lightning Saga during the same week. On top of that, KK seems pretty whiny, Starman seems too sane and suddenly Dream Girl can't see into the future and tell whether her teammates are OK. And just to nitpick a little, do they really still use the word "chitchat" in the 30th century? I hope not.

I'll be buying Countdown again next week, but my impatience is growing. I really want to see where this is all going, or I am going to spend that $12 a month on something better very soon.

That's all for this week, but it looks like next week could be interesting, too. WWH: Frontline #1, WWH: X-Men #1, X-Men #200, Wolverine vs. Daken in Wolverine: Origins #15 over at Marvel. And at DC it looks like it time for the Amazon Attacks storyline to take off as we will have issue #3 of that series, Wonder Woman #10 and Teen Titans #48 all dealing directly with it. Also coming from DC is the final chapter of the Dominators storyline in Supergirl and the LSH #31, and finally Green Lantern: Sinestro Corps!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

More Videos

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Slow comic book day, especially since I am putting off reviewing anything, so I have a couple more movie trailers for you. The first is from "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry". The second one is just a random video of a comic book store. Don't bother watching it, especially if you are at work.

Ok, time to go read those comics again, unless something huge happens, I'll see you tomorrow.


Another New Transformers Trailer

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Boy there sure are a lot of these nowadays, but people seem to like them. This is a fairly short one. I gotta be honest though, I have been watching these for months now and I am still blown away everytime I see one of them transform and hear that sound.


On the Rack - 6/21/07

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Since it is the first day of summer today, I am going to treat everyone to some *ahem* summer pictures. I was originally going to do some reviews of the stack of comics I bought this week, but to be honest, there is so much good stuff going on this week, I am going to read it all again to make sure I didn't miss something. Stay tuned for reviews tomorrow. On to the summertime-comic-related goodness!

Jessica Biel was in some comic movie or the other (who really cares) and this month she is in GQ, the magazine for men that no real man would buy. I say that because I can't afford anything in there. But seriously, who is going to pay $75 for a pair of underwear? Nevermind... on to the pictures:

Then the news we have all been waiting for! I have no other comment on this for fear of this blog going even further downhill than it already is. This is courtesy of Hollywood Tuna:

Jessica Alba believes there’s nothing wrong with no-strings-attached sex. And she’s happy to reveal she’s had one-night stands. ‘I just wanted to see what it was like to be with different people,’ she tells US Cosmo. ‘I don’t think a girl’s a slut if she enjoys sex.’ The 26-year-old can’t be faffed with sitting through coffee and croissants - and an uncomfortable silence - the next day. ‘I’m the kind of girl who looks over in the morning and is like, “Do you really have to be here?” she admits.

I couldn't find a picture of Megan Fox in a swimsuit to kick off summer with, but I came close enough, courtesy of the appropriately named


Hulk vs. Bizzaro #3: Go Fish!

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Another exciting episode of Hulk vs. Bizarro is here (and on time)! I am going to be working on a stretch template fort The Comic Rack to accommodate reading HvB with out having to click the image to be able to see it. Should be finished next week, but in the mean time make sure you are reading these webcomics, they are too funny to miss!

Hulk vs. Bizzaro The Comic Rack 50 Foot Robot Studios webcomic

Update: I decided to stop screwing around and change the style today, instead of this weekend. Hope you like it, if you don't, let me know.


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Charity Watch

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Did you know that there are comic book charities that need your help, just like many, many other charities? I don't personally believe they get enough recognition, so I am going to point out some ways you can help out.

The Hero's Initiative

Who They Are: In late 2000, a consortium of comic publishers came up with the idea to create a financial safety net for comic creators, much in the same fashion that exists in almost any other trade from plumbing to pottery. By March of 2001, the federal government approved The Hero Initiative as a publicly supported not-for-profit corporation under section 501 (c) (3).

How They Help
: The member's of The Hero Initiative collect donations and sponsor events at comic conventions all across the nation.
Since its inception, The Hero Initiative (Formerly known as A.C.T.O.R., A Commitment To Our Roots) has had the good fortune to grant over $200,000 to the comic book veterans who have paved the way for those in the industry today.

How You Can Help: There are many ways you can help out The Hero Initiative. Among them:

  • Donations through many different partners
  • Volunteer your time at comic conventions
  • Buy a green Excelsior! wristband or a Tshirt from JLA scribe Brad Meltzer, or check out the other products they have available. All proceeds from these products go 100% to The Hero Initiative.
Contact The Hero Initiative at:
The HERO Initiative
11301 Olympic Blvd., #587
Los Angeles, CA 90064
or visit their website at which you can find a link to every day on the sidebar here at The Comic Rack.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

Who They Are: Throughout its existence, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has carried out its mission to protect free speech in comics through the generous support of fans and professionals alike. At conventions, through benefit books and other fundraisers, the comics community has rallied behind the First Amendment. No media has a more enthusiastic base of support than comics, and the CBLDF is proud to play a part in protecting this vital American art form.

How They Help: Many members of the CBLDF are artists themselves and donate their work to help out. You can buy this work, whether it is art, books, tshirts or many other things and all proceeds go to the CBLDF. See how you can help for more info.

How You Can Help: Go to and see the literal plethora of items you can buy. You can buy tshirts from Frank Miller, and the creators of Bone, Hellboy and more. You can buy comics and signed books from Neil Gaiman. You can purchase Wrap Party tickets for Strangers in Paradise. ALOT of exclusive CBLDF artwork from some of the biggest names in comicdom.

But the most important way to support the CBLDF is to sign up for membership. For only $25 a year you can be a member (like me) of the CBLDF and help to keep comics free. There are many levels above the $25 a year, all the way up to the $1000 "Angel Level" and to be honest, I don't know what the benefits would be.

Contact the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund:
271 Madison AV STE 1400
New York, NY 10016
212-679-0631 fax
or visit their website at which you can find a link to every day on the sidebar here at The Comic Rack.

The Comic Book Project @ Columbia University

Admittedly, I know the least about this particular charity, but it supports literacy through comic books and promotes creativity through children writing, designing and publishing original comic books.

Who They Are: The Comic Book Project engages children in a creative process leading to literacy reinforcement, social awareness, and character development, then publishes and distributes their work for other children in the community to use as learning and motivational tools.

How They Help:
1) Academic Reinforcement: Children reinforce and improve their literacy skills through the arts by engaging in a fun, project-oriented, and creative process.

2) Social and Character Development: Children use the project as a pathway to personal understanding and cultural tolerance, which are illustrated by their own artistic creations and displayed in a variety of formats.

3) Community Building: Children spread positive messages to other children and adults in the community via the distribution of their work to community outlets such as schools, after-school programs, and community centers.

How You Can Help: There are two ways for you to join The Comic Book Project:

1) General Participation Program

We have established a partnership with Dark Horse Comics, which provides us with wholesale printing and distribution services. You can obtain the Project materials, lesson plans, and past student publications from Dark Horse for $6 per student. Proceeds go to sustaining the The Comic Book Project in underserved areas. Send in your students’ comics, and we’ll set up a free webpage gallery of your children’s work!

Download the PDF order form from Dark Horse Comics here.

2) Grant Program

You may be eligible to participate in The Comic Book Project for free if you are either a:

  • Title I (or equivalent) school or district
  • After-school program for at-risk youth
  • Nonprofit youth development organization
Download the 2006-2007 grant application here.

Contact The Comic Book Project @ Columbia University:
Dr. Michael Bitz, Founder & Director
Teachers College, Columbia University
520A Horace Mann Hall - Box 139
525 West 120th Street
New York, NY 10027
(212) 330-7444
or visit their website at which you can find a link to every day on the sidebar here at The Comic Rack.

If you know of any other charities tha deserve to be recognized here, please let me know. You can either leave information in the comment section or you can contact me directly at

Thanks for taking the time to read this,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Linkblogging is bad for your health....

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I linkblog, therefore I am.

Actually, if I didn't, I would post a lot less because I just don't have that much to say sometimes. Tonight we have mostly pictures, but also some other random tidbits. We'll start however with one of my favorite topics: Megan Fox! All Transformer pictures courtesy of IESB.

I know a lot of you have seen the last two posters there, but they are so cool, I couldn't resist throwing them up again. About 2 more weeks for me to post as many Megan Fox pictures as possible. Be prepared.

We were also treated to more Batman: Dark Knight photos, this time of the new Batpod! It is a replacement for the Batcycle, and features two 508mm tires, each driven by their own engine. This is a real working model according to CBR.

Looks like a pretty badass ride, but not entirely original. There has been a two-wheel-drive motorcycle which uses separate engines for each wheel for the last 40 years. It's a bit of a stretch, but the daddy of the Batpod may very well be the Rokon. This is the Rokon Ranger dirt bike:

Obviously they made major changes because the Rokon just doesn't strike fear in the hearts of evildoers, but the similarities are definitely there.

In other news today, Marvel and Kids WB! announced plans for a brand new Spectacular Spider-Man Saturday morning cartoon to launch in early 2008. From CBR again:

“The use of the ‘Spectacular' title is an homage to Marvel's wildly popular series of Spider-Man comics, and is very reflective of the enthusiasm and high regard we have for the production,”
Kids' WB! Senior Vice President and General Manager Betsy McGowen said. “This promises to be a stand-out animated series that will perfectly complement both Sony Entertainment's box office-shattering films and the amped-up action on Kids' WB! every Saturday.”
Is there anyway this won't be cheesy? Is there anyway this won't be awesome, too? It is being produced by the guy who did Gargoyles and The Batman, so it is likely to be a little darker and grittier (I hope).

There is a new look at Deadpool's Laughing Den (formerly known as The Merc With A Mouth is Back!). Stop by for some insanity covering just about anything he feels like. I am still trying to digest his recent post about... roasted chicken! You have to read it to believe it.

Shelly at Shelly's Comic Book Shelf is worried about the future of the JLA now that Brad Meltzer is leaving and Dwayne McDuffie is taking over. However, her concerns are answered in a forum reply from the scribe himself. Head over to see who may or may not be on the new JLA team that Dan Didio announced will be trimmed.

That's about all for tonight, have fun tomorrow and if you don't know what is coming out yet, check out the latest Waiting on Wednesday for more info.


Transformers Game Trailer

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The Transformers: The Movie game comes out on 6/26/07 and looks pretty good. Unfortunately all movie games look cool until they are actually being played, but maybe, just maybe, this one will be different. It will be released on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS. For more info, go to Gamestop.


Hulk vs. Bizzaro #2: Life in the Fast Lane

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It's a day late because of my Hank Pym Weekend Retreat, but HvB is back and funny as ever.

(Click image to enlarge)


Monday, June 18, 2007

Waiting on Wednesday - 6/19/07

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There is so much good stuff coming out on Wednesday, we are going to just jump right in, and what better place than smack dab in the middle of New York City, World War Hulk style. If you are going to follow this storyline and buy every book, you will be considerably poorer tomorrow.

  • Iron Man #19 - This issue is basically World War Hulk #1, just from the perspective of El Douche'. In other words, how does Tony Stark feel while getting his ass handed to him? If I didn't want the whole story, I would definitely skip this one, just like every other Iron Man issue. And even though I know he doesn't really knock the head of Iron Man, I can't wait to see how Tony feels when he wakes from alcohol induced stupor to realize that he just caused millions of dollars of damage just to be left in a bloody pile.

  • Ghost Rider #12 - Another issue I am not crazy about, as I have never really collected Ghost Rider. However, after seeing the movie and enjoying it, this may be a good jumping off point for me. Johnny Blaze sticks his nose where it don't belong and there is a good chance the Hulk is gonna take it off.

  • Heroes for Hire #11 - The Heroes for Hire group has the unenviable task of taking on the Warbound while the Hulk whoops on the rest of the heroes in NYC. I really look forward to this because during Planet Hulk I liked how they gave each character in the Warbound a purpose, and I was not ready for them to go away just yet.

  • Incredible Hulk #107 - And finally, this is where it gets really interesting. Amadeus Cho is assembling heroes to help the Hulk and we will see which side they land on in this issue. The ass kickings continue after it is all sorted out with Hulk vs. Hercules.

Of course, you would think with the Green Goliath running through the Marvel Universe that not much would be going on, right? Not just one, but two other major events are going on right now, with one wrapping up and the other just launching.

  • Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #541 - Both titles will be dealing with the funeral of Captain America and especially the effect it has on our favorite wall crawler. Expect Fallen Son to be star studded as heroes on both sides of the Civil War will no doubt show up to pay their respects. And ASM #541 will be pure revenge as Spidey hunts down the sniper and the man who ordered the hit on Cap. Marvel is being very tight lipped, so we may actually be surprised tomorrow if their writers can handle their end. With Straczynski and Jeph Loeb handling the books, I doubt we will be disappointed.

  • X-Men: Endangered Species #1 - The X-Universes summer crossover starts here with a 48 page special to kick it off. Endangered Species will run as backup stories in pretty much every X-title throughout the summer leading up the Messiah Complex this fall. I am assuming that they are going to settle the whole "198 mutants" things through these crossovers. And with a name like "Messiah Complex" they are going to set someone up to lea the X-Men for a long time to come, whether they deserve it or not.

DC is going to have a hard time matching everything that Marvel is doing this week, but there are some noteworthy issues coming out.

  • Justice League of America #10 - The end of the Lightning Saga is here and we will finally find out why the Legionnaires are in the 21st century, which Legion this may or may not be and more. What more could you want, you say? Well it was revealed at Wizard World Philadelphia that JLA #10 would be directly involved in the future of Bart Allen as the Flash. If you have followed this Flash, he is originally from the same century as the Legion of Superheroes is. So don't be surprised to see Bart go back to the future with the Legion when they leave.

    One curious thing I have not been able to find is a release date for Flash #13. DC lists it on their website as June 6th, which is obviously incorrect. So it may come out this week to coincide with JLA. Since they are canceling this particular series they can pretty much do whatever they please though.

  • Countdown #45 - Supposedly we are going to find out what the hell is going on with Jimmy Olsen. This series is in it's second month now, and DC has been promising big things. Hopefully we get to see them soon or this is going to be a loooong year with Marvel kicking DC's ass. Again.

Since you have been good and read this far and to get you by until Wednesday, here is more Megan:


Weekend Wrapup

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The third and final day at WWP basically was more of the same, lame Q and A's, during which the creators involved revealed only exactly what they went there to reveal. It was hot, sunny, beautiful day, and I got to enjoy none of it. Oh well.

Monday, nothing. Tomorrow.... I preview Wednesdays releases!!!

See ya all tomorrow, got lots to go over this week, as World War Hulk ramps up, the final installment of Fallen Son, Spider-Man at "his darkest hour" (cue ominous music), the conclusion of the Lightning Saga and more Countdown goodness with #45 on the shelves.


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