Sunday, July 15, 2007

Goodbye (for now)

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Because of personal reasons, I am going to have to close down The Comic Rack for the foreseeable future. I hope those of you that came by had a good time while it lasted, and maybe someday in the future we can do it all again when conditions are a little better.

For the people who were going to write reviews for me, I hope this comes before you take too much time doing that. Thank you for the response, that was a last ditch effort on my part to put off the inevitable.

If there is someone out there who wants to take over The Comic Rack full-time, please send me an email at, and we will work something out very quickly. I hope there is someone who will.

Thanks for the good time,

Adam, the Comic Geek


Deadpoolite said...

Best of luck to whatever you have to do. I hope it all works out at the end.

That's that then, till next time...

DP out!

Gary said...

Hate to see you go. I really enjoyed my daily visits to this site. It was very interesting and in my opinion one of the most entertainingcomic blogs around.

Woody! said...

Was it because I didn't get around to doing the meme you tagged me with? I'm sorry, dude. I got to it today! Is that enough to get you back to blogging?

ComicGeek said...

It's all your fault Woody!!!

Really though, thanks for the support. After a few days of reflection I have realized I like blogging, and will be back... eventually. The big issue isn't a health issue or anything dire like that.

It's my kids. It finally sank in that I was spending all my time this summer either (1)blogging or (2)researching stuff to blog. I started taking my daughter to swim lessons and vacation bible school and had so much fun that I felt terribly guilty I hadn't done more.

I had to take a few steps back and get some perspective. And when I do return, it won't be at the torrid pace I originally set. So I am going to take the next couple (or more) weeks and enjoy some time with them before my daughter starts kindergarten and my son goes to preschool.

See you all soon, it is nice to know you are appreciated, and I hope people understand.


ComicGeek said...

Also, I am going to add Spencer onto the blogger thing and let him do his thing. So if you are reading this, I will get an email to you soon, and even after I start doing this again, I would love to have someone to share the load with permanently.

Deadpoolite said...

Good to know it isn't a health related issue! Blogging is just a cool past time at the end of the day nothing more and nothing less.

Do let me know when you are back to full blogging duty and gear with your next endeavour on the sport,lol.

I couldnt care less if it is about comics or " ten amazing ways to win a chess game" , LOL!

Take care and talk to ya later:)

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