Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Linkblogging is bad for your health....

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The comic world is quiet with the San Diego Comic Convention heading towards us at light speed. But there is some news here and there that is worth taking a look at. If you hear of anything that you feel should be covered here, please send me an email at and I will include it.

  • Kevin Spacey has been reported to be set to reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the next Superman film. Not much other information is known right now, except that Bryan Singer plans on shooting the sequel, called The Man of Steel, next year for a 2009 release. I am not crazy about this, not because of Spacey who I thought did great, but because of Lex Luthor. Are we going to get stuck in a rut with Superman villains like we did with the original movies, or are we going to move on to the big baddies like Metallo, Brainiac, Doomsday, etc.?
  • Apple has released the official Cloverfield/1-18-08 movie trailer, so no more shaky bootlegged videos to try to see what is going on. And I gotta say, those previous videos sucked, there is so much more here than you could previously see, including the head of the Statue of Liberty getting thrown down the street. Definitely worth taking another look at.

    A couple of other things about this movie. The 1-18-08 site has another picture up and it still makes no sense, but I imagine the mystery will be revealed soon enough. Also according to JJ Abrams, the Ethan Haas sites are not related to this movie as was previously thought, but he hinted that there may be others out there that are.
  • PWBeat has a collection of reactions from across the blogosphere (including me!) to the DC Comics announcement of their new Zuda Comics online imprint. It is interesting to see the wide range of opinions despite a rather small amount of information available. The people who are outright bashing it though I think would dislike just about anything from a major company anyhow, so not to discount them, but I would rather wait and actually see something before I panned it. Overall I think it is a good idea, and up to DC to do it right.
  • If you are enjoying the current run of Green Lantern Corps, then you will also enjoy taking a look at the personal blog of Patrick Gleason, the current artist. He is also the artist on Robin and he has a look at the cover of Robin #166 before colors and after.
That's about all for now, as swim lessons snuck up on me this morning (for my daughter, not me), so if I find more later, I'll update this afternoon. Have a good day, and read lots of comics.


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