Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Waiting on Wednesday - 7/24/07

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A bit of an abbreviated version here tonight. One Marvel, one DC. There aren't tons of good comics coming out this week, so it'll be a cheap week, and I can afford to finally buy The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy Olsen, and maybe I can finally write that article on What the Hell is Going On With Jimmy Olsen.

Incredible Hulk #108

After some serious ass-kicking by the Green Giant, the utter destruction of New York City, pretty much every hero in America and beyond trying to take him down, we finally return to the Incredible Hulk's own book. It has been awhile since we caught up with Amadeus Cho and here we find out what he has been up to, along with all the others who have decided to stand beside the Hulk.

Cho and the others though find themselves face-to-face with the Warbound and it has never looked like the two groups had any intention off getting along. While World War Hulk has been very good in my opinion, this is where the crossover is really going to shine. They have done a good job of setting up all these supporting characters, whether new (Amadeus Cho) or old (Rick Jones). Hulk Smash only goes so far and for this to really be a great event, the Hulk's own series should be the centerpiece.

Green Lantern Corps #14

It must be "summer-crossover-itis" because these really are what I think are the two best books out this week. In GLC #14 the slaughter of the Green Lanterns by the Sinestro Corps continues, with Katma Tui Soranik Natu returning to Korugar and finding a little surprise, which I showed a glimpse of the other day here.

The thing I haven't figured out yet is that in the Sinestro Corps Special, there was a big reveal at the end showing Kyle Rayner as Parallax, Hank Henshaw a.k.a. Cyborg Superman and Superboy Prime standing next to Sinestro, and what have they done with this killer (literally) lineup? A big fat nothing. OK, not really nothing, we saw Parallax already, and I know it is only the third part this wek, but with sch a formidable lineup of really villainous people, I expect instant gratification of the killing kind.

That's something that really is great about a book like Green Lantern Corps, you have a completely unlimited supply of characters to kill. You kill a GL, the ring searches for another instantly. Kill someone in the Sinestro Corps, it does the same thing. Then there are the Manhunters. Nameless, faceless bad guys who no one could ever have an emotional connection to. Yes, I love carnage. And I would have to say that is probably the main reason why this book has always been one of my favorites. However, someone important has to die soon to justify this event. I just don't think that Kyle becoming Parallax is enough to justify all this. John Stewart biting it? Anyone? Maybe Kilowog?

Enjoy your Wednesday, and I will see you all back here Thursday night with some Release Reviews.


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