Saturday, September 1, 2007

$12 movie worth seeing

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Transformers is coming out to IMAX which is news to me, but good news at that. I saw this the first day it came out and nothing his summer even came close to being as awesome as it was. Total action figure porn. Speaking of porn and IMAX, here is still the #1 reason to go see this movie, and an even better reason to go see it on a 50 fucking foot tall movie screen while wearing goofy glasses you wouldn't be seen dead in outside of IMAX.


1 comment:

Deadpoolite said...

As uber cute as Megan Fox is I only had eyes for the damn robots...

Does that make me a cyber pervert or an uber geek I wonder...hmmm... impending self identity crisis looming in the horizon, LOL!

Best BIG movie of 2007 so far, hands down!

Later dude.

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