Thursday, October 18, 2007

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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That title kinda sounds like a straight to video X-Men cartoon, doesn't it? Well, according to it will be the name of the new Wolverine motion picture. The movie is scheduled to drop on May 1, 2009 directed by Gavin Hood and starring Hugh Jackman as Logan, and Liev Schrieber as a young William Stryker. If you remember, Stryker was played by old dude Brian Cox in X2.

Pic explores the claw-wielding character Wolverine's violent and romantic past, and his complex relationship with Victor Creed and the ominous Weapon X program, as well as his encounters with other mutants.

Hood will start shooting in Australia before moving to New Zealand and, later, to New Orleans. Latter location is a clue that the storyline might include New Orleans-based character Gambit, who is able to make objects explode and was a professional thief before joining the X-Men.

Sounds good to me... so far.

If you are wondering who Liev Schreiber is, he has been in a number of movies, though rarely in a starring role. His most memorable role was in The Manchurian Candidate as the brainwashed Presidential candidate. However, if you want to see his nastier side, and what you can likely expect from him as William Stryker, check out The Sum of All Fears. In that movie he played Mr. Clark, who to any Tom Clancy fans out there is the preeminent badass. Mr. Clark is also the leader of Rainbow Six, the spec-ops squad from Clancy books that so many video games have been made out of.

For those who haven't been paying attention to the details leaking out, this movie is being made by alot of the same people responsible for the last X-Men movie. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but either way the best part of any of the X-movies was always Wolverine so there is a good chance this is going to be worth seeing.



Kirk Warren said...

Heh, I always associate him with his Scream appearances.

I agree with the title assessment. Sounds like some direct-to-DVD thing. You'd think Wolverine: Origins would be a better title. I guess Hollywood doesn't think Wolverine is a bankable brand name property and had to throw in the X-Men part so the general public will know this movie is related to the X-franchise.

ComicGeek said...

Yeah I didn't know how many people would catch a Cotton Weary reference.

And I think what will happen with the naming is that they will call the Magneto movie X-Men Origins: Magneto and then move on down the line to other characters. Still a stupid idea, though.

Deadpoolite said...

Unless Hugh Jackman is seriously bored while doing this just seeing him portray Logan is an amazing treat every single time:)

He has nailed this role so well it is unbelievable!

The title sucks royally but who cares, a console is called Wii for crying out loud and it is topping all charts in terms of hardware sales(hooray! I am really loving it ha,ha,ha).

Take care!

patrick said...

this new Wolverine movie should be great... though Jackman should be careful about doing any more movies as Wolverine, pretty soon it'll be hard to imagine him as anything else.

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