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Waiting on Wednesday - 6/19/07

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There is so much good stuff coming out on Wednesday, we are going to just jump right in, and what better place than smack dab in the middle of New York City, World War Hulk style. If you are going to follow this storyline and buy every book, you will be considerably poorer tomorrow.

  • Iron Man #19 - This issue is basically World War Hulk #1, just from the perspective of El Douche'. In other words, how does Tony Stark feel while getting his ass handed to him? If I didn't want the whole story, I would definitely skip this one, just like every other Iron Man issue. And even though I know he doesn't really knock the head of Iron Man, I can't wait to see how Tony feels when he wakes from alcohol induced stupor to realize that he just caused millions of dollars of damage just to be left in a bloody pile.

  • Ghost Rider #12 - Another issue I am not crazy about, as I have never really collected Ghost Rider. However, after seeing the movie and enjoying it, this may be a good jumping off point for me. Johnny Blaze sticks his nose where it don't belong and there is a good chance the Hulk is gonna take it off.

  • Heroes for Hire #11 - The Heroes for Hire group has the unenviable task of taking on the Warbound while the Hulk whoops on the rest of the heroes in NYC. I really look forward to this because during Planet Hulk I liked how they gave each character in the Warbound a purpose, and I was not ready for them to go away just yet.

  • Incredible Hulk #107 - And finally, this is where it gets really interesting. Amadeus Cho is assembling heroes to help the Hulk and we will see which side they land on in this issue. The ass kickings continue after it is all sorted out with Hulk vs. Hercules.

Of course, you would think with the Green Goliath running through the Marvel Universe that not much would be going on, right? Not just one, but two other major events are going on right now, with one wrapping up and the other just launching.

  • Fallen Son: Death of Captain America - Spider-Man #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #541 - Both titles will be dealing with the funeral of Captain America and especially the effect it has on our favorite wall crawler. Expect Fallen Son to be star studded as heroes on both sides of the Civil War will no doubt show up to pay their respects. And ASM #541 will be pure revenge as Spidey hunts down the sniper and the man who ordered the hit on Cap. Marvel is being very tight lipped, so we may actually be surprised tomorrow if their writers can handle their end. With Straczynski and Jeph Loeb handling the books, I doubt we will be disappointed.

  • X-Men: Endangered Species #1 - The X-Universes summer crossover starts here with a 48 page special to kick it off. Endangered Species will run as backup stories in pretty much every X-title throughout the summer leading up the Messiah Complex this fall. I am assuming that they are going to settle the whole "198 mutants" things through these crossovers. And with a name like "Messiah Complex" they are going to set someone up to lea the X-Men for a long time to come, whether they deserve it or not.

DC is going to have a hard time matching everything that Marvel is doing this week, but there are some noteworthy issues coming out.

  • Justice League of America #10 - The end of the Lightning Saga is here and we will finally find out why the Legionnaires are in the 21st century, which Legion this may or may not be and more. What more could you want, you say? Well it was revealed at Wizard World Philadelphia that JLA #10 would be directly involved in the future of Bart Allen as the Flash. If you have followed this Flash, he is originally from the same century as the Legion of Superheroes is. So don't be surprised to see Bart go back to the future with the Legion when they leave.

    One curious thing I have not been able to find is a release date for Flash #13. DC lists it on their website as June 6th, which is obviously incorrect. So it may come out this week to coincide with JLA. Since they are canceling this particular series they can pretty much do whatever they please though.

  • Countdown #45 - Supposedly we are going to find out what the hell is going on with Jimmy Olsen. This series is in it's second month now, and DC has been promising big things. Hopefully we get to see them soon or this is going to be a loooong year with Marvel kicking DC's ass. Again.

Since you have been good and read this far and to get you by until Wednesday, here is more Megan:


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