Friday, October 12, 2007

We've seen this before...

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Marvel seems to be worse at it than DC, but no matter who does, the most annoying thing currently being done in comics is the Misleading Cover. Annoying? No that's no the right. Wrong is more like it. Nothing pisses me off more than buying a comic with a kick ass cover on it and then reading through the entire thing only to realize that it never happens.

We went through this before with a couple of World War Hulk covers (Ghost Rider #12 and Heroes for Hire #11) and the latest example is this week's New Avengers #35. Here's the cover and the ad, which I have shown before, that they have been using for the last month or two to hype this particular issue:

And what do we get for the entire issue? A bunch of third rate villains trying to organize and beating the crap out of a third rate Avenger, Tigra. No Wolverine, no symbiotes (until the last page and then it is a crappily drawn mish-mash of heroes and vaguely recognizable symbiotes) and sure as hell no Wolverine/Symbiote killing machine as both the ad and the cover clearly show.

Other Marvel News

So the new Captain America has a new costume, drawn by Alex Ross, and every comic website is reporting it as if they were the first to find out, even though the info has been readily available on for the last couple days now. And to be honest, I have seen nothing new about it other than what Marvel released.

So why am I blogging about it? Glad you asked. I want to know who everyone thinks is going to be the new Captain America? When is Steve Rogers coming back? (We all know he is.) What should happen to Rogers when he does return, and in turn what should happen to the new Cap?

Update: Within minutes of hitting the post button, I found an interview on CBR with Ed Brubaker and Alex Ross, which you can find here. Enjoy!

Update 2: Dummy me, I forgot to actually put up a picture of what the new costume looks like, even though you have all probably seen it already. So here ya go!

Oops, that was the last new Alex Ross design. See if you can tell the difference.

Yeah real original Mr. Ross. Here's a better view of what to realistically expect for the new Cap.



Kirk Warren said...

Completely agree on the Ross comments. Check out his Spider-Man movie "concept" and try to tell me he didn't phone this Cap redesign in.

Ross Spider-Man Movie design

Hopefully Epting will make this costume look better than Ross has it looking.

ComicGeek said...


That Spidey costume would get him laughed right off the soundstage.

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