Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Secret Identity

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Why is it six days a week, I am a good-looking, healthy skinned, well-dressed man, but on the day I am going to the comic shop to get my comics, I suddenly get a huge zit on the side of my face, my clothes seem to be a size or two too small and my hair is all screwed up? It is almost like I have an alter ego that only surfaces when I venture into the land of geeks (no offense to the geeks, I am a charter member).

Am I alone in this?


Woody! said...

Yep, you're alone. I'm like your alter ego every day. I haven't been a good-looking, healthy skinned, well-dressed man in quite some time.

ComicGeek said...

My wife is likely lying to me, and I will never know since mirrors are my Kryptonite!

Damn, I look way too much like The Comic Book Guy.... Not as heavy, but pretty close all around.

Spencer said...

I'm about mid-stage in my transformation from sort-of-cool-honor-student-who-also-played sports type of guy to full-on total nerd, so i know whatcha mean.

On a related note, I've noticed I get different social reactions and/or treatment by the clerks at the comic shop based on what kind of garb i'm currently sporting.

stylish jeans/cool shirt/fixed hair = general snobbishness/unfriendliness

Lexcorp T-Shirt/ill-fitting cargo pants = friendly & dorky comic chatter from both customers and clerks alike.

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