Thursday, July 5, 2007

Transformers News

AddThis Social Bookmark Button is reporting that Transformers is exceeding everyone's expectations after it's first full full day. In the first 28 hours of being released, the summer blockbuster Transformers has made $36.3 million and along the way set a new record for the most ever made on a Tuesday with $27.4 million.

Pretty amazing considering they have 5 more days of box office receipts to add to their official opening numbers. The movie, which you can find my review of here, could easily break $200 million by the time all is said and done this week. The best part of this is that it ensures that the sequel that has been announced already will definitely be made. Which means more Megan Fox. I had to mention her, you know.

Also, Penny Arcade has a funny comic today about what Transformers is going to do to the rest of the 80's properties we love (and hate).

What other 80's toys or cartoons would you like to see made into a movie? I fear a My Little Pony movie, mostly because my daughter would make me take her, and I could not promise my mental health afterwards. Let me know what your most loved/hated 80's remake would be.



Spencer said...

Thundercats will be awesome (as I hear its already happening).

Silverhawks are a bit like Thundercats, but not really. And Totally awesome. The bad guy, Mon-Star, was a super-powered mob boss. Also, one of the Silverhawks used a guitar as a weapon.

I suppose G.I. Joe will get made too, but I wasn't a G.I. Joe fan as a kid, so I don't care.

Woody! said...

Defintiely M.A.S.K..

ComicGeek said...

Holy crap Woody, that's some nostalgia...

I had completely forgot that M.A.S.K. ever existed. M.A.S.K. was to G.I. Joe what Go-bots was to Transformers, and whenever we asked for one of the "good toys" what we got was the "other ones".

The funny thing is that regardless of my early elitism, I still have fond memories of M.A.S.K. and Go-Bots as much as I do of the others.

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