Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Transformers post to end all Transformers posts

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I am going to see this movie tomorrow night at 8pm, so after that, I will likely be all Transformered out. So unless something from the move really blows my mind, I will be moving and bringing you trailers from other movies for once. However, Shia LeBouef was on the Tonight Show and had this clip to show, which for the first time, lets us her Megatron speak. It also shows the sheer scale of the Transformers, as Megatron is standing next to a skyscraper.

One thing about the Transformers movie I will not stop posting, however, is pictures of the gorgeous, stunning, too good for most of these adjectives Megan Fox. Unless she drops off the face of the earth, there will be plenty for me to post, as she is set to replace Angelina Jolie and a host of other actresses as everyone's favorite. She is in a class with only Jessica Alba and Jessica Biel currently, and this movie could easily put her far above both of them, too.

Wait a second... What the fuck is that thing on her shoulder? Is that a peacock?

Oooh those are hot pictures...

Hmmm, it seems we have seen these before....

Yes folks, the night before I go to see the movie, I finally hit Megan Fox overload when I realized she poses exactly the same every goddamned time! Don't even get me started on her "come hither" look...

OK, here's the deal. I think she is hot, but I mislead you a little on the opening for these pictures. If she pulls the same "looking sexy over my shoulder" crap, she will be far off my radar pretty quick.

I want to see this:

Not this:

More of this (I think the hair swiping thing women do unconsciously is smokin!):

Less of this:

I think you all get my point. I want to see something fresh, and short of movie stills, unfortunately I don't think we are going to get it for a long time. She is incredibly popular right now, and no one is going to tell her what to do or how to look when it is working so well. So I am going to go see the movie tomorrow night and enjoy it, and I'll worry about her later. But be warned, these may be the last Megan Fox pictures for awhile.



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