Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Waiting on Thursday - 7/5/07

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday. I don't know about anyone else, but here in Colorado, the weather was absolutely perfect. And to make things even better, we have a pretty good group of comics coming to your store tomorrow.


  • The only World War Hulk tie in this week looks to be a fun one in Irredeemable Ant-Man #10. I have never read this title before, so I don't really know what to say about it. The only thing that really comes to mind is that the Hulk had better be in this one, not like Ghost Rider or Heroes for Hire with their tie-ins. If they pull the same crap they did with those two, I will personally write Joe Quesada letters until he responds with a suitable answer as to why he makes me buy crap that is misrepresented on the cover.

  • Lots of Captain America this week as the Captain America #25 Director's Cut is released for anyone who hasn't gotten enough of the media coverage of his death yet. It is a 64 pg. issue with the complete Ed Brubaker script, plus lots of extras concerning the reaction to it. Personally, this seems a little excessive and a bit like a money grab, but it still interests me as to what else they are going to add that we haven't seen already.

    Also this week, Fallen Son: Iron Man comes out as the final issue in the five-part series dealing with the different stages of grief over the death of Captain America. This issue involves the funeral for Cap, and as expected, he will get a proper soldier's burial in Arlington National Cemetery. This has been touted as a spoiler, but anything less would have been outrageous, so to me it is a logical conclusion instead of a spoiler.

  • Thor #1, the relaunch by J. Michael Straczynski, hits the stores and according to Marvel, this is the real deal. No robots, no clones, just the God of Thunder himself. Don't forget that a Thor robot, or some weird shit like that, was responsible for the death of Goliath in Civil War, and to date we haven't really seen that dealt with. So depending on where he fits in the current timeline, Thor may just have some backlash coming his way for that. I am not sure I am actually buying this one, but it was important enough for me to mention it, so if someone does buy it and wants to email me a review, I'll post it on Friday or Saturday and give you credit.

  • And almost always last because the alphabet is a bitch to them, Uncanny X-Men #488 brings us not only more Morlock love, but also Chapter 2 in the Endangered Species storyline. Queen Ororo of Wakanda, better known as Storm, teams up with her old X-mates to enter the Morlock tunnels once again in search of answers. A bit of a yawn this month, but the issue is worth it for the ES story in the back.

    In the ES story, we should get to see which of the bad guys at the end of the first chapter takes Hank McCoy up on his offer to help the mutants out in finding a way to reverse the reality altering effect of the Scarlet Witch. My best guess: Mr. Sinister. He's an asshole and a megalomaniac, but he's also one of the greatest geneticists in the Marvel Universe, and would love nothing more than to have that to hang over the X-Men's heads forever.

DC Comics

There are lots of titles releasing this week for DC, however, they just aren't ones I normally buy. So instead of highlighting ones I am not really familiar with for no reason other than to fill space, I am just going to list links to them here really quick.
  • The All-New Atom #13
  • Hawkgirl #66
  • Jonah Hex #21 I have heard a lot of good things about this recently, a few more bucks in my budget and I buy it.
  • Supergirl #19 I get enough of her in the Legion, but if that doesn't get better I may drop it for this, since I like her character but the rest of the Legion is going downhill quick for me.
  • Detective #834 and Action #851 If you read these, you don't need me to tell you about them.
And now for the rest of them, that I will be likely buying.
  • I don't usually talk about trade paperbacks here, but I have to mention The Amazing Transformations of Jimmy frickin Olsen. For anyone who is reading Countdown and unfamiliar with what the hell is going on with Jimmy Olsen, this is the TPB for you. Another money grab, I know, but a fairly relevant one that will help a lot of younger/newer readers catch up on stories that have been out of print for a long time. Not sure if am going to plunk down 15 bucks for this, but it is 192 pgs and in color, and from what I remember of reading many of these stories when I was a kid, I always enjoyed them. So we'll have to see, if I do, expect a full story just on Jimmy frickin Olsen soon, including a review.

  • Countdown #43 drops tomorrow and to be honest, I don't evn know what to say about it. This series has been frustrating as I have said before, but with the teaser images they have released, I will be buying it every week regardless. That's the sickness that is fanboydom speaking by the way. Couple that with the Jimmy Olsen TPB, the cover tie in to the death of Bart Allen and my desire to see DC pull this one off, I am actually looking forward to this for once. Yes, I know I will just be disappointed in the lack of depth because of the limitations of telling 6 or 7 stories at once, but I guess I will just suck it up.

  • DC is going to milk the proposal of Green Arrow to Black Canary and it begins with a 4-part miniseries starring the reason for my fetish with fishnets. Dinah has a run-in with the League of Assassins concerning a young girl called Sin. She is in Dinah's care, but the League believes she is the next great assassin, so they come calling. As a backstory, they will go into the relationship between her and Ollie Queen, and by the final issue the decision should be made.

That's all for this weeks releases, I am going to be working on my Release Reviews as soon as possible since the wekend is creeping up quicker than normal. If anyone is interested in sending me a review of a comic you have read, I will post it with full credit to you and a link to your own blog if you have one. Send it to thecomicrack @ by tomorrow evening sometime for it to appear on Saturday morning.



Deadpoolite said...

Marvel has overdone it with this one and truth be told who the f... is going to buy all the tie ins! I mean by now it is a fact that they try to inject some life into titles with little to no circulation just by linking it to a big crossover... How original...

Personally, I think these tactics kind of deviate from what this crossover is all about, Hulk smashing the hell out of the Marvel Universe, and wont give them a second look. It is better to judge a title by its own merits...

For example, Spiderman loves Mary Jane is one such title and if someone bothers to pick up an issue he will find a little gem of a book unravel before his eyes. Come to think of it, it is a miracle they havent tied that title as well with World War Hulk LOL!

DP out!

Spencer said...

I'll only be reading Countdown and Thor. Everything else looks like tripe.

ComicGeek said...

Yeah I hear ya, the thing about it is that they have wrapped us up into all these miniseries and crossovers that I don't want to miss them, but at the same time, I feel a bit like a sheep sometimes...

If you don't have much else to buy, try out Jonah Hex, I have almost convinced myself to buy it regardless of my budget, it looks that good.

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