Thursday, May 31, 2007

New FF2 Trailer

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New Fantastic Four 2 trailer shown last night on "So You Think You Can Dance". Some good stuff in here, including scenes of each of the Four taking on Johnny's powers.

Thanks to Superhero Hype.



Deadpoolite said...

Well consider me sold on your blog. After all I think you can tell from my avatar I am a fellow comic book nut as well...

Deadpoolite reporting for duty sir, yes sir!

I am more of a Marvel Comics fan, I dont dig DC comics at all. Lately, I ve been developing a healthy Witchblade and The Darkness addiction as well.

By the way Deadpool rocks, I wish someone kicked Cable's sorry butt out of the damn book. Oh the rage....deep breath...deep breath...think of Deadpool jokes....calm down:)

C u around!

p.s. FF2 seems ok at the moment, I am only sold on half of the cast as adequate (Chris Evans and Michael Chicklis). Mr Fantastic and Sue Storm could use different actors to portray them I think.

ComicGeek said...

I loved the Merc with a Mouth, until they paired him with Cable. I recently rented Marvel: ULtimate Alliance for Xbox 360 and was absolutely stoked that Deadpool was one of the playable characters and Weasel plays a pretty big part as an NPC.

The part I missed somewhere is what happened to Al. She was a much, much better character to share a book with then Cable ever will be.

As far as Sue Storm goes... It's Jessica frickin Alba in tight leather. With her "no-nudity clause" in her contract, that as close to heaven as I think we will ever get.

Deadpoolite said...

I havent heard of a single Cable fan existing in the world dude! Maybe it is a legend that some day, some place there will be one that actually likes Cable. Who knows maybe he will get his own comic strip in a newspaper or But his own mag...oh come on.. it is ridiculous!

As for Jessica Alba's double barrels I have seen them in a movie that was on greek TV years ago (yep I am from Greece good guess what are you a mind reader or something? I wish I remembered the name and I am not even sure if this flick is in her imdb database. She was an African princess or something and sleeping with a young explorer or whatever( I do recall Bob Hoskins in it if memory serves but it has been ages...). I could see why she has a "no-nudity clause" in her contract though, those things are dangerous,lol!

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