Thursday, May 31, 2007

Teen Titans Movie

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Teen Titans will be made into a movie by Warner Bros. It is being written by Tom Verheiden:

Verheiden was a writer-producer on "Smallville," the TV series that revolved around the adventures of a young Clark Kent/Superman, and is a writer-producer on "Battlestar Galactica." Verheiden also is a comic writer and creator, penning "Timecop" and "The Mask," both of which were adapted to the big screen in the early 1990s.
Hollywood Reporter speculates, without a source, that Nightwing may, or may not, be one of the characters used for the movie and that it will be made in the same style as "Batman Begins", "Superman Returns" and the upcoming Watchmen movie, whatever that means.

Batman Begins and Superman Returns are nothing alike in style or substance. And since no one has seen The Watchmen movie yet, we don't know what style that will be either. For all we know they could make it look like the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake and really screw it up.

So what have we learned? That a guy who writes a TV show (albeit one of my absolute favorites), sees Will Smith as a superhero (in the upcoming "superhero-themed" movie "Tonight He Comes), and owns the rights to the "Doom Patrol" movie (do I smell a Beast Boy crossover here?) is going to tackle an ensemble cast movie starring not only a lot of people's favorite hero's, but also a lot of sidekicks of a lot of other people's favorite hero's (whew, that was a long sentence with a lot of parentheses). Ugh. I see a romantic comedy "Teen Titans" with faux-leather outfits, bad acting (James Franco is already waiting by his phone), and not enough time in 2 hours to define even the main characters, much less the large extended family that is core to the Titans.


Update: I just went over to Newsarama and saw they have the same thing on their front page. I want to make it clear that I didn't just take their story and run with it. If I ever get something from somewhere else, specifically another blog, I will always give a hat tip. Other than that, it's kinda nice to know that I am on the same page as some of the more experienced sites.

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