Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Something NOT Marvel or DC

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I said before that I would probably find reasons to talk about things other than Marvel or DC, and to be honest, it didn't take long once I found this. Ok, ok, I realize this news is about 2 weeks old, but it's the first I have heard about it.


Yes, I really am excited. Groo Comics by Sergio Aragones were the ones I found upstairs in my uncle's bedroom, because he had to hide them, or my grandma would've whooped his ass for reading such filth.

If you have ever picked up a Mad Magazine, you have likely seen some Aragones art. If you have never read Groo, you are missing out on some very funny and irreverent comics. Groo's 25th Anniversary Special will be released by Dark Horse Comics on Aug. 1st, 2007.

Celebrate twenty-five years of the world's stupidest barbarian doing stupid and barbaric things! After a brief hiatus, the Champion of Cheese Dip is back to battle the menace of "The Plague," an all-new story by the same guys responsible for all the Groo stories for the last quarter-century, Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier. Also, thrill to The Groo Alphabet, a primer of that hero's friends and foes (mostly foes), followed by a special illustrated text story by Sergio and Mark on how this comic came to be and why it just won't go away. Plus other silly features.
Here's a little taste of Sergio Aragones from the comic "Sergio Aragones Destroys DC". Clicking each one will blow them up large enough to read. Sorry if the layout gets all screwed up, first time I have tried to post pages like that.

August can't come soon enough.

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