Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Pulse interviews Tony Bedard

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Being a red-blooded male comic geek, I, of course, love Supergirl if for no other reason than every artist decides to draw her wearing what amounts to a bustier and a skirt my wife would slap me if I asked her to wear it in public, much less fly around town in. Blond haired, blue eyed, a little vacuous sometimes, pretty much the perfect woman, and that's before you throw in the whole Kryptonian thing. And then there is this:

Excerpts from The Pulse:

THE PULSE: For those of our readers who might need a primer on this Supergirl, who is she? What sets her apart from the Linda Lee/Kara Zor-El that most might have grown up reading about ...?

BEDARD: One nice thing is that I am relatively unburdened by knowledge of previous Supergirls. Yeah, I read some of their previous appearances, but I never did figure out what the deal was with the girl/matrix/angel thing or anything like that. I'm just sticking to the basics: Kara is from Krypton, she's insanely powerful, but she wants to be good. I also happen to think she needs to eat a sandwich and cover up a bit, but then I'm a father.

THE PULSE: What's it like working with artists Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson Magalhaes on Supergirl?

BEDARD: I'm just getting going, so I'm waiting to see what Renato does on this story, but I'm very excited about it. This guy is brilliant! I saw some character studies he did of Supergirl, and they're brilliant. Now, if I was 17 and ruled by hormones, the zero-bodyfat, nearly-naked Supergirl would probably be my fave. But Renato's take is much more like a living, breathing person, which makes her all the more endearing and fascinating. This guy is on his way to Tony Harris-style fame and fortune, and I'm honored to have a chance to work with him.
OK, so she is still blond haired and blue eyed, and nothing will change the fact she is a few issues short of a longbox, but bicycle shorts??? Seriously, look at the bottom left of that image, her dress flies up and she is wearing bicycle shorts! What's next? Will Black Canary give up fishnet stockings for those stupid leggings with the stirrups that soccer moms tend to wear? Is Wonder Woman going to start wearing a sarong?

Then there is this series of sketches:

I think most of us know this girl. She is the one in high school who was convinced she could kick any of the boys asses, and in most cases (re: my high school), she was right.

If it sounds like I am just bagging on this new creative team, I am not. But I think there is a place in comics for a little T&A and this was one of them.

Here's some of their previous work:

Tony Bedard
Renato Guedes
Jose Wilson Magalhaes (for some reason he doesn't pop up on cbdb.com, if you know about his previous work let us know in the comments)


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