Wednesday, May 30, 2007

On the Rack - 5/30/07

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A few things going on today that warrant a mention:

  • Marvel announced the release of a bunch of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer action figures here. Also a kick-ass looking Walmart exclusive Silver Surfer here.

  • The first 52 TPB is released tomorrow covering issues #1-#13, which means there will probably only be either 4 or 5 (if they release the 52 Covers TPB as rumored) to pickup if you missed the series the first time around.

  • Newsarama speculates on the recently released Flash teaser and whether it spells doom for Bart Allen. (My take is he won't die, however, one poster there makes an interesting point that a Flash movie starring the dead Bary Allen is in the pipe...)

  • Newsarama also has a first look at the Michael Turner variant cover for World War Hulk #1.

  • Don't forget as World War Hulk steamrolls the Marvel Universe, that you can find a full list of comics the Hulk will be obliterating here at The Comic Rack.

That's all today folks, see ya for more comic goodness tomorrow.


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