Friday, June 1, 2007

Previews Review

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Over at Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin, he takes a look at all the fun stuff in the merch section of the new Previews . I was looking at it with my wife last night, and almost convinced her to spend $125.00 on a trash can. Yes.... a trash can. Cooler heads prevailed, but it is still the coolest trash can I have ever seen.

Full-size, 24' tall and you step on his center foot to open it up. Now I am not a crazy Star Wars fanboy, just a regular one (you crazy ones know who you are and what makes you special), but this really piques my interest. Other than this, all I ever really wanted was a wise green midget to give me advice in weird sentences. And a Vader helmet to wear around the house when I am in a foul mood. Maybe Previews will have that next week.


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