Monday, June 4, 2007

And now for something barely comic-related!

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The 2007 MTV Movie Awards were this past weekend, and while I don't give a damn who won, there was some... uhhh... comic-related news there. Photos of Michael Chiklis and Kevin Smith!!!!
It's Clobberin' Time!!
How did HE land THAT??

No, not really, actually this is just a gratuitous excuse to post pictures of some of the women I love most.

Megan Fox - Transformers
My Optimus Prime is twitching

Jessica Alba - Fantastic Four
If I was invisible, I know where I would go...

Jessica Biel - Blade Trinity

Cameron Diaz - The Mask was a comic wasn't it?
OMG those legs are a mile long

Elizabeth Banks - Spiderman 3 (barely noticed her until I saw these pictures)
Who? I still don't know who the hell she is

Amanda Bynes - uhhh I can't find any connection whatsoever with comics for her, but she is well over 18 now, and I think she is just delicious. So deal with it.
I saw your Big Fat Liar, you wanna see my Big Fat... nevermind


Deadpoolite said...

Who is playing "the thing" then in the Fantastic Four, Kevin Smith or Michael Chicklis? (LOL)

Dude if you really need a comic booky excuse to put these beautiful ladies' pics just say they'll star in the Birds of Prey movie (heh) or something and be done with it.

I am shutting up now and keep admiring the beauties (Deadpoolite hanging a "closed" sign on his chest...)

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