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Waiting on Wednesday - 6/5/07

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**Waiting on Wednesday will be the working title of my comic previews I am doing each week. May change, may become permanent, but either way, I needed something. Have a better idea? Email me at with your ideas.**

Comics come out tomorrow, and I can't say I have a lot to be excited about. But there are some issues that I will be looking forward to.

Gonna be a rough week for me and Marvel, to be honest:

  • Punisher #48 - I have never read Punisher on a regular basis, in fact, I have so little interest in hm that I have yet to see the movie (though I heard I am not missing much). However, I have been told quite a few times how good the books are, so I decided I am going to pick up a few issues and give it a try.
  • Omega Flight #3 - I always enjoyed Alpha Flight, and was a huge fan of the interaction between Puck and Wolverine whenever Logan dropped in on his fellow Canucks. That being said, I am not a huge fan of Omega Flight. I know they are completely different teams and all, but I held out hope. I am giving it through issue #5, then that's it if it doesn't do more for me. Like entertaining me would be nice.
  • Yep, that's it for me and Marvel. Some miniseries are finishing up, including Hulk/Power Pack and some are starting like Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock, but nothing that I will be probably be buying. Also you might like New Warriors #1, but that one I am going to wait see.
DC has a bit more to offer this week, and we'll start it off with Flash #13, the highly anticipated issue with the cover depicting a dead Flash:
  • Flash #13 - Things look bleak for Bart Allen when his Rogues catch up to him, and DC is playing it close to the vest concerning the now infamous cover with the Flash sprawled out and his rogues standing over him, looking appropriately evil. Among other things I hope they clear up other than his impending doom, is why his girlfriend whispered the formula Johnny Quick used to say to activate his speed powers? No one is talking about this. If this isn't just a lame teaser, I'll try to do a little feature on it tomorrow in an On the Rack post.
  • Detective Comics #833 - If you like Zatanna, like me, a 2-part arc starts here. Zatanna's assistant is murdered and she needs Batman's "help". Yeah right, she needs Batman's magic wand!
  • Nightwing #133 - The description of this issue sounds like a Year One type story, telling what happened to Dick Grayson in the year after he dropped out of college and before he joined the Titans. I hadn't heard much about this, but I'll pick it up and see if it is worth my time. Though I like the Nightwing character, I haven't been crazy about the comic for a while. Maybe this new arc can change that.
  • Justice League Unlimited #34 - I loooove Justice League Unlimited... sometimes. But when I love it, it is unconditional. And this is one of those issues that I am going to love unconditionally. Superman... Phantom Zone... ZOD!!! The thing about JLU is that they don't necessarily have to tiptoe around continuity (truth is with 52 earths, not many do anymore), so they just tell awesome stories with near-reckless abandon. Not only that, but my 5 year old daughter loves the animated series and gets a kick out of me reading these to her.
  • And finally Countdown #47 - Lightray is dead, Jimmy Olsen is freaking out and exhibiting new powers all the time, and people are just starting to figure out who Duela Dent was killed by (it was the guy with the pornstar haircut!). I hate to admit it, but I am looking forward to this almost as much as anything. I wanted so badly to dislike this title, but it just isn't going to happen. I like it, and I have a feeling that very soon I will absolutely love it. God, I can be such a fanboy...
Kinda DC, kinda not, but Jack of Fables #11 comes out this week. The girl at my comic shop suggested this, and I haven't gotten too into it yet, but I can see potential. Also, I have only gotten a couple emails and responses to this blog so far, and one of them was to "diversify and try some other publishers than DC and Marvel, like the rest of us comic lovers." So this is my attempt at that. Did you know they make comics where they don't wear spandex!!!

I am also going to grab Invincible #42 from Image Comics on the strong recommendation of more than a few people. Not only that, but it is a $1.99 this week and I guess the start of a big story arc.

That's it this week. It's not a light week, but it's also not so heavy I have to make any hard choices about what I can afford to buy.


Update: I searched for the phrase "Waiting on Wednesday" because I wanted to be kind of original, and found out it was the title of a Lisa Loeb song. I had a huge crush on Lisa Loeb many years ago, with those big wide rimmed glasses. Then she had a reality TV show where she was dating people, and it was kinda dumb, but it fuelled my fantasy more. So to make a long story short, I think "waiting on Wednesday will become official,, unless some crazed fanboy emails me and tells me that it is already taken by someone with more clout than me (that would be just about anyone).

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Deadpoolite said...

Did you know that Lisa Loeb did the voice over of MJ in the unfairly defunct MTV new animated Spiderman series...

Just a little bit of useless info right there,lol!

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