Monday, June 4, 2007

Los Cuatros Fantasticos!

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I have to link to Progressive Ruin today.

So a while back, my girlfriend made one of her regular visits to Mexico to visit family, and before she left I sez to her, I sez: "Say, could you, perchance, acquire for me some superheroic adventure pamphlets, in color, and in the mellifluous tongue of your native people, for my perusal and possible edification?" After she punched me, she agreed, and a few short weeks later, lo, there was a bounty of Mexican superhero funnybooks delivered unto me, and it was good.
His post about the comics his girlfriend brought him back from Mexico had me in stitches this morning. I don't know if he visits, but Mike Sterling is one of my favorite comic bloggers and I wanted to let him know.


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Mikester said...

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

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