Friday, June 8, 2007

World War Hulk trailer

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I know this isn't brand new, but with World War Hulk #1 coming out next Wednesday, it is an appropriate time to post it. Marvel did an awesome job here putting together what amounts to a movie trailer out of scenes from the Incredible Hulk comic. When I first heard of it, I assume they would do some cool animation or something, then it started and it was just pages of the comic with a voice over. By the end of it, I have never been so excited for a comic book crossover as I am now.

Also check out's World War Hulk hub for all the info you could need about what is upcoming for the Green Goliath and his warbound.

If you haven't kept up with the Hulk and want to catch up on what is going on before the Hulk kicks your favorite hero's ass, go to IGN Comics fand their World War Hulk Event Guide for some rather in-depth information on how we got to where we are with the Hulk surfing a space ship right for Earth.


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Deadpoolite said...

Cant remember the last time I was so hyped up about a comic related event.

What can I say...HULK SMASH!

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