Tuesday, June 5, 2007


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It was pointed out to me by Matthew at Legion Abstract that I was woefully wrong in my first post here. Yeah, yeah, I can beg off that it was my first blog post ever and that that alone could excuse me from my ignorance. But in fairness to the rest of the great comic bloggers out there, this quote:

There seems to be a void of quality blogs about comics and how people feel about them in the blogosphere by us, the fans (and fanboys). I hope I can help fill that. Why me? Because I love comics, and I know many, many others do, too.
...was just painfully wrong. The blogosphere is chockful of great writers, and I have had the pleasure to get to know many many more of them everyday since I started. I have great respect for them, and aspire to be among them. If you are visiting this blog, please take some time to follow a few links on the sidebar, and then follow some links on their sidebars, and see what I had been missing that is now such a great part of my day.


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Deadpoolite said...

Ah who needs those suckers. The Comic Rack rocks, fact!

Ok, now you can forward the agreed sum to my secret Barbados Bank Account, registered to a certain "Mr C. Tosser".

Oops, did I say that out loud, silly me...lol.

A lot of good quality comic books blogs and sites around but you are off to a good start, just need to keep working on the readership thing and you'll be cool(yeah,funny I diss such advice on you anyway, like I have thousands of hits every day...lol)

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