Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Fantasticar Commercial

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Over at Marvel.com, they have an article detailing the history of the Fantasticar that is a fun read if you have ever been a fan of the Fantastic Four. The new version is the star of a new commercial by Dodge, and oh yeah, it's got a Hemi. (God, I hate that crap from Dodge. I smoked a new Charger the other day in my mom's 2001 Mercury Mystique with a V6, and I had my kids in the back weighing me down. But that's neither here nor there.) This thing looks simply awesome.

Me personally, I preferred the bath tub versions, just because it showed the ingenuity of Reed Richards that he could make something as unwieldy as a bathtub-shaped craft actually fly. This thing though can reach speeds of 550 mph and altitudes of 30,000 feet, so I guess it'll do as a suitable replacement.

If you want one for yourself, your out of luck because, well... cars can't fly. But you can get a scale model for all your 5" action figures to cruise for chicks in at Ebay. No that's not my auction, I wouldn't sink that low (honestly though, I can't find one of these in the stores, and I wouldn't sell it if I did).

Also, on a side note, I refuse to post pictures of half naked women in every post, and just because this is a post about the Fantastic Four doesn't mean I have to post pictures of Jessica Alba. God, you bunch of perverts, wanna make this blog totally NSFW!


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