Monday, June 4, 2007

On the Rack - 6/4/07

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A few things going on today around the comic world.

  • A new site to me, Legion Abstract, has an interesting read on the continuity problems of the current Lightning Saga crossover in JLA/JSA. The author, Matthew, asks some very good questions about which Legion of Super-heroes we are seeing, and comes up with some very good answers (guesses, but they seem to be the only logical conclusion).
  • Another good Legion post (must be their day!) over at The Absorbascon. Scipio looks at whether Superman/Superboy and the JLA inspired the Legion of SUper-heroes, or if it was really the other way around.
  • If you haven't heard about the drama over the name "The Champions" then you have had your head in a hole where no comic book news ever leaks in (I'm a little tired of hearing about it, but this seems to be the end, so I'll throw it up). Anyhow, go here to get the full skinny.
  • Comic previews right here tomorrow. Still don't have a good name for that particular feature, but I'll be looking at what's comign out Wednesday at your local comic shop.
See ya then

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