Thursday, June 14, 2007

Linkblogging is bad for your health....

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....and I am a sick, sick man. Where would I be without the occasional post full of other people's content? Nowhere, I tell you. Between this and pictures of half naked girls (I am aiming for a high pagerank for the term "half naked girls" in case you couldn't tell) I actually pull off this blogging thing quite well, if I may say so myself. Onward with the linkblogging!

  • Paris Hilton got fired by her agents this past week, reports What does this have to do with comics? Not much, other than the reason she was fired was because Jessica Alba (also represented by the same agency) gave them an ultimatum saying she was embarrassed to be associated in any way with Hilton. So they tossed the no-talent whore. Yes, I mean Hilton, how dare you say that about Sue Storm! Oh yeah, this also gives me an excuse to post these new photos of Alba in a yellow bikini that surfaced yesterday.

  • In more Paris Hilton news, and speaking of having no talent, Stan Lee is reported to be making a Paris Hilton-inspired comic. No, I didn't mean Paris that time. "The Man's" office confirmed this to the NY Daily News, and said it will be done in the same vein as great sequential art like Striperella. I don't know who in this story I am sicker of hearing about.

  • In some real comic news, Brian Michael Bendis is in large demand after being responsible for writing New Avengers #31, which slipped completely below my radar in Waiting on Wednesday this week. It's late Thursday night, if you haven't read this comic or read about it yet, you deserve to have it spoiled for you, so here it goes: Elektra is a Skrull. There I said it. Wow. No, really, I was shocked, and it took me about 15 minutes for it to really sink in that this throws just about everything into turmoil in the Marvel Universe. Back to the links, Bendis did at least three big interviews this morning, for more info on what the hell is going on, take a look at all of these, none of them paint the whole picture, but put them together, and you can pretty much figure it out.The one thing I will say here is that he makes one thing very clear. The Captain America who was shot was not a Skrull. However, he hints pretty strongly at Tony Stark possibly being one. That would be an easy out for that douchebag, so I hope it is just a ruse by Bendis to throw people off. I swear if they make Tony Stark a Skrull and give him a free pass from all the bullshit he pulled in Civil War, I will stop reading any Marvel title with that boozehound asshole in it. And as the "Director of S.H.I.E.L.D." that is pretty much all of them except the X-books. I am gonna cross my fingers and trust they wouldn't do that to me.

  • I was gonna put all the movie news here, but instead I made it into it's own post, so go here and see what happened on that front if you haven't already.

Have fun with all this comic goodness, and I'll see you tomorrow with more.



Tom Mattson said...

I read the IGN and Newsarama interviews all the way through earlier today and have to admit, I'm actually pretty interested to see where this goes. If handled correctly, this could explain a lot of things and make for some seriously needed intrigue in the two superstar filled Avengers titles.

I'm a bit nervous, like you said, with the prospect of them claiming someone like Stark is Skrull. Reading the interviews though, Bendis swears he isn't going to undermine past events with something as lame as that. Let's hope he's serious about that.

Deadpoolite said...

I doubt they are going to pull a lame stand like this on the readers... not with the impending Iron Man movie in the horizon...

ComicGeek said...

@ Tom and DPL,

Money talks, bullshit walks.

If they think they can drive sales by going against their word, they will. All we can do is hope they have some artistic integrity and don't do that.

Like both you said, I doubt they will, but I am skeptical.

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