Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wizard World News Pt. 2

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Wizard World Philadelphia and Heroescon in Charlotte, NC continued today and there was plenty of news for the second day.

More Flash Info

Starting off at Heroescon, Dan Didio said that Flash #13 will crossover with JLA #10 and that at that point Bart Allen will cease being the Flash. It would seem to me that it would be a waste to kill him off, though that's what many people want. Didio also admitted that everyone at DC is a bunch of sneaky underhanded bastards:

DiDio said that “Flash” #13 will cross over with Justice League of America #10. “That will see a resolution to the story with Bart Allen as the Flash,” DiDio confirmed. He also said that while people might be confused, there is a guideline for the Flash family and always has been. “The plan that is in place with the Flash has been in place for a year. We misled people and we apologize. Mark Guggenheim did interviews as if he was the ongoing writer when he knew that he would only be on the book for a few issues.”
The "All-Flash" that was mentioned yesterday was apparently a one-shot to give the new creative team time to catch up, and that when Mark Waid takes over, they will return to the numbering from the previous series, starting at #231.

Jimmy frickin Olsen

I am pretty well tired of talking about this guy already, but being a major part of the biggest storyline this year means that I will continue to. Didio had this to say about Olsen knowing Jason Todd's secret identity:
“What Jimmy knows and doesn't know is a major plot point in ‘Countdown,'” confirmed DiDio. “It is not a mistake.”
Irwin Schwab

When asked if there was a chance of the return of Ambush Bug, they had this to say:
Jones: "God, I really wish..." DiDio: "We've got Keith Giffen in the offices nearly every week, so we'll see."
OMG! No really, one of these days when it is really slow, I'll go into depth on my love affair with Ambush Bug, including lots of panels from his comics. The most awesome news out of this thing yet for me.

Along the same vein as Ambush Bug, they also announced that in October we can expect something involving Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew.

El Douche' de Leche(rous)

A new image with Tony Stark in some type of handcuffs was released. This may be misdirection, but I could also see El Douche' being offered up as the instigator for WWH by the rest of the Illuminati, and getting removed as the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. SO who would replace him? I think they may be setting up Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) as the new Director.

Why She-Hulk you ask? Simple, they have taken her powers away, first of all. Of course everyone thinks it is temporary, but Stark said in WWH #1 that it was made to be permanent.

Secondly, she is a lawyer, and after the El Douche' debacle, they are going to want someone on the up-and-up. Who better than a highly respected lawyer. However, if Nick Fury returns, all bets are off, but I think that Marvel has had enough of him as head of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Also, with issue #22, Peter David will be taking over for Dan Slott on the writing duties. Even though his comments don't point directly at the assumptions I am making, he says that she will not be "lawyering" and that there will be at least three "What the hell?" moments in his first issue. Sounds like big plans and a big writers for the Green Goddess.

Or like I said, this could all be misdirection and they will continue to torture me with many more years of the Boozehound Billionaire in a position of unjustified and dangerous power.

Bend(is)ing us over a barrel

I have nothing to say except this: Don't trust anythign this man says. Turns out he has been twisting the Marvel Universe around his little finger for years. Grrr. Skrulls. Oh yeah, he said that anyone with a suspect resurrection is under high suspicion of being a Skrull. He mentioned Hawkeye specifically. This had better fucking "WoW!" me big time for all the bullshit leaps of faith we have been asked to take over the last few years in the Marvel U.

And last, but most definitely not least

Messiah Complex

Marvel announced the next big crossover involving the X-Men will be called Messiah Complex" and will begin in October. The good news is that it is only an X-Men crosover and the only book you need to buy outside of the monthly titles is the "X-Men: Messiah Complex" one-shot that kicks it all off. Nick Lowe, editor of all things X, had an interview with Newsarama and laid out the plan for the event.

• Chapter 1: (X-Men: Messiah Complex One Shot).
• Chapter 2: (Uncanny X-Men #492)
• Chapter 3: (X-Factor #25)
• Chapter 4: (New X-Men #44)
• Chapter 5: (X-Men #206)
• Chapter 6: (Uncanny X-Men #493)
• Chapter 7: (X-Factor #26)
• Chapter 8: (New X-Men #45)
• Chapter 9: (X-Men #207)
• Chapter 10: (Uncanny X-Men #494)
• Chapter 11: (X-Factor #27)
• Chapter 12: (New X-Men #46)
• Chapter 13: (X-Men #208)

Also from Newsarama:

NRAMA: What can you tell us about the story at this point, without giving too much away?

NL: Something happens in Chapter One that changes everything. It stratifies the world of the X-Men in a clear way. It unifies the heroes in a way they haven’t been for years, and all under Scott Summers. Cyclops steps up huge in this event and will get people talking.

NRAMA: Of course, we have to ask, what can you tell readers about what this will do to the X-corner of things coming out the other end. Is this of the “things will never be the same” type deals?

NL: It is. There will be a significant and final shift in the status quo and even with how people look at mutants. Also, coming out of the event, readers will have a more clear idea of what the X-Men are and what every book means. Gone will be the days where readers will be confused what book is which and what the difference is.

Well, that's it for today. Would have had all this earlier but it was 91 degrees out, I live on a lake, and there was no way in hell I was going to sit inside and stare at the computer all day. Tomorrow looks like a hot one too, and it's Father's Day, so don't expect too much until late. See ya then.


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I pretty much hate this new run of the Flash anyway. He's a little too emo for my taste.

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