Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On the Rack - 6/12/07

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Supergirl in Smallville

I missed on posting about it yesterday, but Supergirl is coming to Smallville. The CW reported that casting has begun for the role of Supergirl for the television show. They will use the story that Kara Zor-El was launched from Krypton as a teenager at the same time as baby Kal-El but some type of cosmic disturbance caused her to be trapped in suspended animation until now. She will be about the same age as Clark and will possess all his powers and be able to fly, which Clark has not up to this point in the series.

"One of the joys of creating 'Smallville' has been our ability to reinvent and reinterpret classic DC Comics characters," said 'Smallville' executive producer Al Gough. "Miles and I believe that Supergirl will give our series the mythic jolt that it needs as we head into our seventh season."
There are many different incarnations of Supergirl that they can use, but any of them from the picture on the right will do.

So who is going to play the Maiden of Might, the Girl of Steel? And any chance of a boob window like Powergirl? Unlikely, but a few candidates that I thought of:

Megan Fox - She will be #1 on my list for every role from here until I get tired of looking at her, and that won't be happening for a long, long time. The only problem is after Transformers and her starring role in my dreams, I don't see her being available any time soon for a TV show, no matter how much I want her to (Megan Fox on my HDTV would be a million times better than Kristin Kreuk was a few years ago on my 27' Panasonic".)

Sienna Miller - She has a role in the upcoming Stardust movie and could definitely pull it off physically, anyone who has seen "Alfie" would agree, if not google it. Which is also the reason why it probably wouldn't happen. The CW would likely look poorly on an actress who has so many nude pictures floating around. But if they wanted some publicity, this would be a good way.

In all likelihood though, they will choose relative unknowns as they have for every other role on the show. The best thng tha could come out of this is seeing whether people like the character of Supergirl, which could eventually lead to a feature film. At that point, I could see either of these actresses actually being possibilities.


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greg said...

Actually she was in suspended adamation so she didn't age. She is suppose to be 19. These women do not look 19, (although beautiful.) I am thinking Sara Paxton... go on Google her and I think you will see she is the right age. She has done physical comedy so she is fairly athletic. And she has amazing blue eyes to add to her extrodinary looks.

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