Wednesday, June 13, 2007

More Megan

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Megan Fox is so amazingly hot that she even looks good in a tablecloth.

Anything else I might say would be considered lewd, but expect more of her in the near future...

Oh, is it the future already? Good, here ya go:

And so far I count four tattoos I have seen on her (there is one about laughing at butterflies on her shoulder blade or some stupid shit like that that's not pictured here), which I normally don't find terribly attractive, but she pulls it off as well as anyone I have ever seen.

Some one said somewhere else that I am too lazy to go find, that she is the next Angelina Jolie, and that she is gonna blow up after Transformers releases. After? She already has in my opinion.

Not that anyone is actually reading right now, but I will have some stuff to say about World War Hulk tonight sometime, probably right before I go to bed. Amazing issue, what I read comics for. See you then.


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