Thursday, June 14, 2007

New logo and stuff

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So I changed the logo on the top of the page and made a few other changes. Eventually I want to have a header that spans the entire page, but haven't figured it out yet. Probably easy, but I am new to this stuff, so if anyone knows how, I would appreciate the help.

Other stuff to note is the lack of the comic shop locater, and the list of local comic shops is gone. No big deal. In their place is a list of Featured Posts so it will be easier to find the regular features that I hope you all will keep coming back for.

Did you enjoy Hulk vs. Bizarro? I hope you did, and I am working on some other great content for you. So that it is clear, I don't mind linking some pictures I find on the internet, but stealing someone's art work like that would just plain be rotten of me. Through email correspondence, I received permission from the great guys at 50 Foot Robot Studios to feature HvB and will be hosting it regularly on Mondays and Thursdays, so come back often, because I promise it gets even more awesome (including an appearance by my favorite Transformer Grimlock!).

Please make use of the comment section and my email address and let me know how I can make this blog better. If you have any news that I am missing, photos or links you think I should put up, send them to me and I will give you credit where credit is due.




Deadpoolite said...

It actually looks more "comic bookey" than the old one if you catch my drift :)

ComicGeek said...

Cool that was the effect I was going for. I also thought mixing up the fonts looked good, and it kinda leads into me getting a domain.

Right now I am looking at either or (The Comic Rack Blog), either way, I want to go with a large Showcard Gothic font (the one the T C and R are in right now)TCR for a logo with some type of image behind it.

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