Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WWH - Greatest Idea Ever?

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First they make everyone in the Illuminati look like total douchebags, then they let us see them getting their asses kicked and running around scared. World War Hulk #1 was one of the best comics I have read in a long, long time. I got done reading it for the second time and my wife asked why I had a goofy smile on my face, and I told her "This is why I love comics". And it is absolutely true.

We put up with a lot of dialogue and drama and all the filler that they put in comics nowadays to make comics more realistic. And they do a good job of that. But sometimes I just want to see shit blow up and see complete and total assholes like Tony Stark get put in their place. I want to see the Incredible Hulk be fucking incredible! WWH #1 gives me all of this and more.

Amadeus Cho is a great character, and making She-Hulk matter again is something I never thought would happen. Doc Sampson continues to baffle me as to why he even exists. He really is a very annoying character. A superpowered psychiatrist? Gimme a break.

As I have said before, it is going to be very interesting to see which side people fall on. However, in the preview for Hulk #107, he says "If they are humans, they are Banner's friends." *GULP*

A few things I have not figured out though:

  1. Obviously none of the Illuminati are going to die. So is Hulk ultimately going to fail?
  2. His intelligence seems to be even higher than it was on Sakaar. I always thought the madder he got, the stronger he got, but conversely, he also got dumber.
  3. Why do we have to put up with the whole Frontline bullshit again? Did they actually get a positive response on the Civil War version of this? Am I missing something?
  4. Why does Joe Quesada say in his "Cup of Joe" feature after the story that we seeing the "final act in a saga of Marvelous proportions", when writer Greg Pak and WWH editor Mark Paniccia said in an interview today at Newsarama
    "Greg Pak: What goes up must come down. So from day one of planning Planet Hulk, we knew the Hulk would return to Earth for some payback in the story that eventually became World War Hulk. The top secret third part of the story was something that came to me during my first few weeks of outlining Planet Hulk. Joe and Hulk editor Mark Paniccia loved it and it's been part of the plan ever since."
I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Speaking of Hulk, I just received permission to start regularly featuring the hilarious webcomic "Hulk vs. Bizarro" More information tomorrow and we will be seeing the first installment, and continuing twice a week, every week.



Deadpoolite said...

Havent read it yet so looking forward to it. As I said before I am really hyped up for this particular run of Hulk (alhtough I do like the green behemoth a lot so that doesnt say much really,lol) and I am glad the series started on the right foot based on your comment.

Cant wait to read it!

Deadpoolite said...

Is John Romita Jr drawing this? I so love his art style. Deep inside I do hope he draws Spidey again, I love his rendition of the character. Probably the best since the Mc Farlane era (although the Deodato one was awesome as well).

Talk to you later!

Spencer said...

Civil War got kind of tired and predictable about halfway in (imo), but as usual it seems Hulk is here to save the day when all else fails.

WWH is off to an awesome start.

Kind of makes me think of the Mini-Marvel strips that sometimes run in the back of books in that Hulk is almost ALWAYS the guy that saves the day in comedy as well.

Even his appearance in the new Franklin Richards comedy one-shot (and a total C&H ripoff) was fucking awesome (HULK IS THE HUNGRIEST ONE THERE IS CANDY MAN!).

ComicGeek said...


Yeah John Romita Jr. is penciling the WWH 5 part series, and the artwork is absolutely amazing. There is never a doubt about the tone or setting of what is going on in any panel. Sometimes when I read comics I wonder if the artist read what the writer wrote, but not here.


Yeah hopefully they keep this head of steam throughout the whole thing. I swear it felt like 5 minutes reading it the first time (I have read it three times so far) because the action is well paced and interesting. CW pretty much lost it early for me, by the time Peter Parker unmasked, I didn't really care much anymore.

I can't see the same happening here thankfully. There are too many asses to kick for it to get boring.

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