Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Waiting on Wednesday - 6/12/07

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For the first time in about 3 weeks, I am excited about the comics coming out tomorrow. There are a number of good ongoing series that come out, and a few miniseries starting tomorrow. The main focus of everyone is going to be World War Hulk, of course, and it will be my main focus too. However, I am going to skip that in favor of looking at what else will be available, there will be plenty of WWH news in the coming months.


  • Sub-Mariner #1 - Namor returns to his own title with a 6 issue mini called "Revolution". S.H.I.E.L.D. goes after Namor when they think he is responsible for a terrorist attack on the U.S. But there may be forces in Atlantis who want to see Namor dethroned. As the head of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Man is after the King of the Seas as he tries to find out who is behind the attacks on the surface world.

    I have never really been the biggest fan of Namor, but I recently saw the episode "Imperius Rex" on the Fantastic Four cartoon, which was very well written and made me appreciate the Sub-Mariner more than I did previously. I am going to pick this miniseries up, and if it is good enough, hope for an ongoing.
  • Avengers Classic #1 - This is the kind of thing Marvel (and DC) need to do more often. They need to reprint the classics, so that the younger generation of comic book lovers can experience what made these characters so great in the first place.

    Much like X-Men Classic, they are reprinting the original stories and artwork of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, and also adding a couple of new short stories, which I would assume are set in the early days of the Avengers. I dont read the Avengers for the simple reason that I never had a connection to them in the beginning. There were tons of X-men and Legion comics, along with Superman, Batman and all the others in my Grandma's basement, but never the Avengers. I hope this will give me that connection and I can begin to enjoy them like so many others do.
  • After those two and WWH #1, there are 3 or 4 other titles worth picking up this week if they interest you, but I don't have enough time or room to go into detail on them all. Among them: Franklin Richards: World Be (one-shot), Punisher War Journal #8, Cable & Deadpool #41 (aftermath of attack on Providence from the X-Men series), Hulk: Planet Hulk TPB (read up on what pissed off the Hulk so bad), and last but not least, Marvel Illustrated: Treasure Island #1 (comic style interpretation of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson story).

  • By far the one issue you should not miss is Green Arrow #75. Ollie Queen finally sucks it up and asks Black Canary to marry him. This will be the final issue in the ongoing series, and will lead into at least 2 miniseries that have already been planned that will deal with Dinah's answer to Ollie's proposal. This is a 40 pg issue for only $3.50, so send GA off in style with big sales this week.
  • Green Lantern Corps #13 - The Corps must battle the ghosts of their past on Mogo, the sentient planet, in this issue beautifully drawn by Patrick Gleason. Visit his website for some great sketch work of the GL Corps, including everyone's favorite poozer, Kilowog.
  • Superman/Batman #36 - The final issue of the Metal Men storyline, where Brainiac has assumed control of them and is using them against the World's Finest. You just know Batman is going to have a solution to this problem since he spends all his time in his cave wargaming every possible confrontation... ever.
  • And of course: Countdown continues with issue #46. They are promising a revelation about Jimmy Olsen and what the hell is going on with him. Last week, this comic finally got good, let's hope they keep up the good work and make this title worth buying the rest of the year.
  • And much like Marvel, there are many other good titles this week: JLA CLassified #39, Trials of Shazam #7 (of 12), Batman Confidential #6. And if you have a spare 50 bucks laying around, DC is releasing the Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 1, 396 color pages putting The New Gods, The Forever People, Mister Miracle and Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen in order.
Not even gonna bother with Independents this week, if you like them, you know when they are coming out. None of them float my boat this week, so I am not going to feign interest. Gonna be a busy day tomorrow reading everything, so unless I post something else tonight, see you all on Thursday.


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