Tuesday, June 12, 2007

New blog links

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It's been a few weeks now since I launched The Comic Rack, and I have added some content to it since the beginning. I'll start by highlighting the other great comic book blogs I have linked to recently:

  • Progressive Ruin - I have linked a couple stories from there, and it is my first stop of the day. It almost always make me smile, and if I ever get to Ventura County, CA, I'll be stopping by.
  • The Merc with a Mouth is Back - A shout out to my most frequent, and usually only, commenter. Aside from that, his blog is a good read if you want some humor injected into your day.
  • Hellhive - Lots of videos featuring everything from trailers to youtube videos to a recent series on drawing comic books.
  • Comics and More - A mix of previews and reviews, and if you like manga, stop by for Manga Mondays every week.
  • Legion Abstract - Very well thought out looks at the Legion of Superheroes and more specifically he gaping hols in their continuity.
And a few others I have recently started reading, but are not as familiar with, but so far look like they are worth giving a shot:

For new features here at The Comic Rack, I have been working hard to include things I think people will like without finding them annoying:

Digg Button
Wondering what that thing is on the top of very post? Click it and "Digg Me!" and let me and the entire Digg community know that you enjoyed this article. Very simple, very quick and very much appreciated.

Comic Space
If you are not familiar with it yet, head over to Comic Space and set up an account. It's like myspace for us comic lovers. See lots of great artwork there, visit creator pages, receive regular bulletins, and visit my page and add me as a friend.

I finally found a poll service that doesn't spam you every time you roll over it or click it. Try it out, I'll change it weekly to fine tune the content on the site to what you as readers want.

RSS Feed
If you are not familiar with RSS feeds or Atom feeds, click on the little orange thng on the right and add it to your bookmarks. From there it becomes self-explanatory, and helps you sort through what you want to read each day. Personally, I have 12 feeds that are the first thing I check each day.

Hometown Comic Book Shops
I added this pretty early in making this site, but so far, no one has emailed me their hometown shop. You never know who is reading this blog and they may not be aware of a shop you know about. Share that here and maybe you can turn someone on to your favorite place to go on Wednesdays.

Comic Charities
I have included links to three comic charities on the right, and the reason for this isn't for any reason other than they are causes that need as attention as possible. Please check out their sites, and if you are the charitable type make a donation if it fits you.

And finally, something experimental, that may or may not suck:

Email Subscriptions
I have no idea if this works or not. The site swears that it will not sell your email address, but you just never know. So if someone who has read this far, and has a junk email account laying around, could please try this out and email me to let me know how well it works, I would be vry appreciative. It seems like a good idea, I guess we'll see.

Don't forget, you can email me at thecomicrack@yahoo.com if you have a link exchange request, if you want to tell me how awesome I am, or if you want to tell me anything else.




Shelly said...

Hi, Thanks for the link.

And why not More Boys in the poll. ;)

Oh, and my comic shop is Forbidden Planet, NYC.

Deadpoolite said...

Flattery will get you knowhere with me you know. Maybe if you throwed an unlimited supply of cookies in the mix it could ...lol.

Since I've seen your blog from its early stages all the differences you mention are noticeable and do add a lot to the experience in your site. Heck, a lot of the comic book sites I have never heard of before.

Now where are my cookies...

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