Friday, June 15, 2007

New Batsuit

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I first saw this last night and was too tired to do anything about it, but Entertainment Weekly reveals the new Batsuit in their issue hitting the newsstands. Superhero Hype has a scan of the page already and plenty of details are revealed there.

For the first time (in what, like 6 movies?) they made the cowl separate so that Batman can move his head around and not look like an idiot who probably doesn't swing his arms when he walks either. What? What's that you're saying? It wasn't the cowl, it was bad actors like Clooney and Kilmer? No freakin way...

Moving on, composite suit, blah blah blah, 200 separate pieces, blah blah blah, the razors on Batman's forearms are actually part of the suit, blah bla... what the fuck?

That actually makes me mad. I thought one of the coolest parts of Batman Begins was that they showed Bruce at the League of Shadows using the serrated forearms before he was ever Batman, or in a suit. He uses them to block sword blows, not shoot fucking rockets out of them! They couldn't even wait a couple movies to retcon stuff out of Batman Begins?

Now I am not one of those idiot fanboys who won't go see a movie because of some thing like this. I am one of those other idiot fanboys who will go see the movie no matter what, but mark my words, when they shoot fucking rockets out of his forearms, I am going to yell Bullshit! as loud as I can in the movie theater.

What's next? Is his codpiece (look it up) going to be extra large to accommodate the supply of nuclear tipped explosives it is going to fire in the next movie? Are they going to bring back Bat-nipples so he has a way to cut glass? Arrrgghh! Frickin rockets out of his forearms!

OK, I am over it now. No, seriously, I am. *breathe* *breathe* Anyhow, The Dark Knight comes out July 18, 2008, and between now and then a lot can happen, but to be honest, it looks like they are off to a good start.

Another thing, real quick, if you saw pictures of the Joker's car (allegedly), they have all been taken down from Superhero Hype and Coming Soon. net (SHH's sister site), probably meaning they are fake. That doesn't stop me from putting one up though. But be warned this is likely not Joker's car at all.

The main problem with this car and why I knew it wasn't real in the first place is because IT CAN'T SHOOT ROCKETS OUT OF IT'S FOREARMS!!



Spencer said...

I felt EXACTLY the same way when I read about Bat's new "projectiles".

As far as the Joker is concerned for this film, I'd be very pleased if they went with The Killing Joke story for him as I have heard (sans the Barbara Gordon deal since I imagine she's still a little kid).

Actually, that brings me to another point. DC recently released a list of the top graphic novels to comic stores and Killing Joke did not make the cut. Just for the fact that from this short trade, Oracle was born seems like it would be meritorious enough. Whatever.

Deadpoolite said...

CG said "I first saw this last night and was too tired to do anything about it"

What would you do if you werent tired?

Attack Batman with your ace kung fu skills, bite his utility belt off, nuke him to smithens, make him tell a joke (now that is scary...), the anticipation is killing me. Batsuit looks cool by the way and Val Kilmer or Clooney are definitely not bad actors. Blame it on freaking Joel Schumacher or whatever his name was. I mean Bane anyone? ( I am not a DC fan by the way but batman movies are cool, most of the time anyway,heh).

DP out!

ComicGeek said...

Meh... smartass, I was talking about being too tired to make a post. I saw it around 1 am my time, and wanted to scoop some people, but just didnt have the energy.

But dont underestimate my mad kung fu, I'd go guano on the dumbass who put fucking rockets in his arms (get it, guano is batshit, err nevermind...).

Anonymous said...

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